Just got my case of JL's today. All are as exepcted from the pics we've all seen except the 1701-A.

I pulled the TOS style Defiant out first. It's got a phaser blasting out of it's saucer section that swivels in any direction. It fell out, but goes easily back in. Kind of a cool little feature. It's blue though. I thought phasers were supposed to be red.

Next I opened the Enterprise 1701-A. I tried to take off the cheesy photon fire thingy thinking it was easily removable like the Defiant. Well it didn't just come out cause it's glued in ...so mine kinda snapped off. It's not bad though, it just looks like a third torpedo tube. I could try to glue it back on but it looks better without it anyways.
I'm telling you guys so you won't have any suprises.

It's still my favorite ship of the bunch because it's got some really cool detailing.
First of all it's alot whiter than her sister the JL Refit. The upper fuselage is
a tad bluer, as is the stripe around the main bridge.
What's really cool though is they did the aztec pattern all over the ship surface in white pearl which reacts to the light depending on which angle you look at it.
In between the pattern is the white of the ship, then a clear-coat over the top. This was really a good idea, and more ships should be released like that.
The JL Refit was already my favorite JL so far, and this makes it better. Though the stupid phaser-photon feature brings it back down to even.

The Majestic's aztec pattern is done in a pale green, which looks ok, but would look better in pearl like the A. I like the explosion effects.

The Borg Cubes poppin a cherry.

The Enterprise D is sure enough the "Nacho Enterprise" only after they were done dipping they put what actually look like cigarrette burns on her back.
Each nacelle though still has the see-through red and blue feature which is a cool thing they kept from wave 3. It also has the pearl aztec pattern on it, but the battle damage entry orange kinda cancels out the appeal.

Don't know if I like those awkward looking legs on Voyager yet.

I'l get some pics up later.