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Blue2th :
Damn, the super-macro on my camera sees it as a major flaw. I advise not removing the STUPID phaser-torpedo effect. Looks like I'll be opening another. This one might sustain major battle-damage, like crushed under a giant foot!

Thanks for the pic, Blue...
Doesn't look that bad to me... better that way than with the SP-TE hangin' out of it. A bit of model putty or globby superglue and a dab of paint might help, I'd think. Then again, there's always your Bambi Versus Godzilla approach...

I might try using a dremel tool to cleanly cut it off, rather than tearing it out, though. I can't stand the freakin' thing... idiotic idea... radical surgery is definitely required, IMO. Why did JL do it? It doesn't match any other ship in the series.

I've got a little box full of stupid brightly coloured torpedoes from assorted ships... they will be joined in the box by their new amputee SP-TE friend.

Does the Defiant look like crap without the STUPID blue phaser effect (SBPE) attached? At least it's removable, (somewhat) in scale, and it's not shooting through the bottom of the saucer section.

The Defiant's phaser comes right out, and is not glued in. Silly me I thought the 1701-A was the same, WRONG!
I think with a magnifying glass and a little Chinese micro toy painting know-how I might be able to do a paint repair.