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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    Is there a link for this website?

    A playset and vehicles-for-the-figures line would be sweet.

    There is a supposedly Romulan character - the main villain "Nero," who is being played by Eric Bana (The Hulk).
    Yes, here it is

    It is going to be Australian Eric Bana who's going to be Nero. He's got those dark Romulan or Batezoid eyes. I think he'll be a perfect villian.

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    Darn. There weren't pictures.

    PlayMates had prototyped a plastic TOS bridge playset back in the day, but never released it. We got that cardboard set that came with all 7 members of TOS crew, but that was it.

    Fortunately, they did make a Galileo shuttlecraft for the figures.

    I would love it if a toy line had other ships and playsets for the figures. YES, they'd have to be out of scale - like a Klingon BoP whose bridge opened up for seating for only 1 Klingon (but hopefully 2-3) and so on. That way you could try to "play Star Trek" the way Kenner originally made it possible to "play Star Wars."

    I would have preferred them doing this with DEEP SPACE NINE because .................................................. .................. I LOVE DEEP SPACE NINE! (for all you haters - I just didn't want to debate you) but army building and war dioramas would've worked much better for that series than any other.
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    New Hallmark USS Reliant

    Cooltoyreview has posted pics from the new Hallmark Dreambook... more of a nightmare, really.

    Only 1 ship again this year... and the Reliant's already been done by Johnny Lightning, Furuta, Romando etc in similar scale. I guess we'll see the "new" Enterprise from the movie next year.

    Hope it comes with a stand....

    Gotta say the tribbles and James T look pretty funny...
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    Pfft, the Reliant may have been done by several companies already, but considering the quality of Hallmark's Enterprise and Enterprise-A, this should be downright awesome!

    And a TOS Communicator! And Tribbles! And Indiana Jones! I shall get all of them!

    They just better not to do that stupid limited edition thing again. >_<
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    duplicated msg

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    Hallmark Reliant

    LTbasker, I sure didn't say that I wouldn't be buying it!

    I think Hallmark does an amazing job... I just collect the ships so the others, tho cool, I'll skip. Can't collect everything.

    The communicator and tribbles are really tempting, though. And I wonder if it's gonna be Geritol/Ben-Gay Indy or young Indy?

    And I agree... the Enterprise and Ent A are just plain awesome.

    I'm still hoping they'll do an Enterprise B or C... or something unique (like the Delta Flyer - a favourite of mine)... how about a Scimitar or a Pod One? Yeah, and I know both Nemesis and Enterprise tanked... but hey!

    I guess it'll be the pre-Shatner TOS Enterprise from the new movie next year... maybe it'll be under construction (like in the teaser trailer)? Wonder if Robert April still will be the first captain... before the Pike-ster?

    Limited edition? I've never seen Hallmark do that with the ships... but in a way, they're all only produced for one year so they're all kinda limited edition. The only collector issue is the fact that they produce like, 80 trillion of 'em in a given year, I think...

    Which Trek ornaments are officially limited edition? Are they trying to make ya join a stupid collector club or something? More corporate evil? Say it ain't so...
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    New Konami Starfleet Ships

    Looks like Konami finally got around to releasing Volume 1 of their candytoy "SF Collection" Starfleet line. I think they've only made it to Asia so far but they're available on eBay for around $50 for the regular set of 6. I'll wait awhile, methinks...

    Sadly the boxes are sealed at retail without indicating which one's inside... I hate that frakking marketing nonsense.

    Anyhoo, they've also got a couple of "chase" ships in the larger set of 9... a Klingon BOP is really the only unique ship. The Ent E and Klingon Battle Cruiser both come with an extra identical version on a "special display stand". Pretty lame... not worth chasing.

    Judging from the original moulds, they're quite detailed... hard to see the paintjobs from these pics but they look pretty good, IMHO.

    Pleasingly, they look about the same size as the first Furuta set or the Johnny Lightnings to me... bigger than Romando's, smaller than Hallmark's.

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    Couple more pics of Volume 1... Some better pics of the Klingon ships... not bad!!! I'm looking forward to Volume 2!
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    Wouldn't mind having a couple of those, though I don't know about all of them.
    Looking at my Furutas and JL's there seems to be more detail than some, but less than others.

    The Enterprise E seems to have slightly less detail than the Furuta around the escape pod triangles. I can't even see any outlines for them, whereas they are clearly outlined in black on the Furuta.

    The Konami Enterprise B has markings or ports on either side of the impulse engines, whereas the Furuta doesn't. Still this is the only other "B" made me thinks. Same with the "E" except for those Romados which I don't have.

    The Enterprise A is obviously better than the poorly painted Furuta (that's what makes it a piece of crap) and the JL Enterprise A is ruined slightly by the "torpedo effect" so the Konami one might be worth getting.

    The Enterprise Refit, well it's just hard to beat the JL in detail and all around likeableness.
    Same with the JL Reliant.

    The Klingon Warbird almost looks the same as the Furuta, in paint and detail.

    The Battlecruiser looks to be highly detailed though, even more than the smooth JL (which is the only other one I know of) That one could be good to get.

    It's rally hard to judge 100% without seeing the undersides of the Enterprise models though.

    BTW: once again cool pics!
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    Asketh and ye shall receiveth, Blue2th. Yea, verily.

    Always happy to pass on the pics to the good folk...

    First the Big "E"... wonder which is the obviously CGI version from Nemesis?
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