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I only saw the Mego type Kirk and Klingon 2-pk once at a Hastngs. Should've bought it, it's the last time I've seen it. I liked the soft goods (clothes) and detail. If I remember they are the same size as the AA's, but I liked them better.
So I found the retro-Mego-style Spock, Bones, Andorian, and Romulan at FAO in Vegas this week, and totally fell in love with them. Such great memories of having them as a kid! I had forgotten all about this. I'm not a Trek collector, really, but I had TOS Mego figures (Kirk, Spock, Bones, and Scotty) as a kid long before I had any SW.

I only bought Mr. Spock and Dr. McCoy, though I now want the others as well, and the upcoming ones, too.

Glancing round Ebay, looks like I'm gonna be out around $50-$60 to add Kirk and the Klingon. Oh well!

My question is: on Diamond's site they are listed as 2-packs, but I bought these singly. Are they sold as 2-packs only online, or what?