The first pic is said to be an official pic of the new Enterprise and a couple of shuttles (from EW)... if so, I'm pretty stoked. Kewl!

Quite a radical redesign on the secondary hull and warp engines... and curiously, no spikes on the nacelles, either. A blue deflector? Wow.

Interesting stuff. They've definitely gone for a complete BSG-style reboot, huh?

Some folks had better go out and get some Depends. I wonder which "old" TOS cast member will pull a Starbuck (Dirk Benedict) and crap all over the entire endeavour? Probably Shyte-ner...

Well, the old formula was pretty tapped out... I'm hoping the reboot breathes some life back into the ST universe. But it could get ugly up in here.

The second and third pics are fan works... not bad, either.