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    Yeah i like the TNG figures and the nemesis figures too. I bought the TNG geordi. Ill have to get a little at a time cause of the prices. Unlesss i can find some one to trade with.

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    Can anyone tell me if the new figures comes with the holsters for the tricorder and phaser? I thought that ive seen a picture some where of ds9's sisko figure with a holster for the phaser and tricorder. If so then what figures comes with them? That would be cool if they did.

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    The old Playmates figures had holsters for their tricorders, and maybe a few for phasers. Most of the phasers had the beams molded into them, so they were "shooting." But the better accessorized figures included both options (2 props). These figures were much more cartoony when compared to AA/DST - and they were smaller.

    Now I haven't opened my DS9 Art Assylum figures, but they don't appear to have holsters. I totally love that idea though: good thinking! Too bad I don't believe that's what we got. But I could be wrong. If they make Kira in her Bajoran uniform, I'd love for that one to come with a holster for sure, as it was often part of her look, moreso than many of the Starfleet types.

    It'd be sweet if the Klingons had holsters for their knives.

    In other news, my "Death of Spock" 2-pack came today. What I really like is that Spock has alternate hands with the radiation suit gloves on!!! That's a nice detail I'd bet we'd have been mad over, had AA overlooked it.

    Anyway, I'm a huge fan of the red TOS movie uniforms and like all of these. Kirk has his tunic flap folded open and it looks great. I like his sculpt - which appears to be the same face as the standard issue WOK Kirk.

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    I've been re-reading this entire thread. It covers the entire history of Art Asylum figures since 2002 and the first series of Enterprise figures (Broken Bow).

    It's a fun read. We were really excited by the quality of these figures and with each successive wave, got more and more into it.

    The excitement was electric when AA started doing a lot of TOS figures and by now, many people here got their wish for TOS crew in the red movie uniforms. Indeed, those are some of my favorite Trek figures.

    Good thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    So get this, I buy the friggin' TOS Spock from TRU, and the left elbow is 100% fused...
    That's funny, because I just picked up the same figure a few days ago, and the left shoulder is all loose. Obviously the "left arm" guy at the factory wasn't pulling his/her weight the week they assembled the Spock figures.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    I wonder how they got back into Toys R Us?
    TRU has had an influx of figures from companies like Mezco, Diamond, etc. that are geared more toward "collectors." I think it's their way of trying to capitalize on something that they should have been capitalizing on years ago... at least consciously anyway.


    And for the record, I saw one of the new 2-packs w/ Kirk and Spock from the films, and I'm actually shocked by how ugly Kirk's head sculpt is. Looks more like Butthead (from Beavis and Butthead) than Shatner.

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    I'm still re-reading this thread when I get the chance (I'm on page 22 now).

    I'm amazed how in 6 years (2002-2008) we got most of the figures we always wanted. This usually comprises the TOS, TNG, and DS9 bridge crews, but there's been some cool aliens and bad guys in the mix.

    If they ever revisit Enterprise, a Xindi Reptilian would make a really cool figure.

    Doing characters from The Dominion (DS9) would rock as well. There are great opportunities for very cool additions to the collection there, too.

    Anyway, I'm not sure what started it - perhaps that I'm re-watching my Trek movies and my Wrath of Khan figures have now all arrived - but I'm really back into this Star Trek line and very excited for it.

    My 4 things are:

    Star Wars (I'm sort of burnt-out but will get excited by Toy Fair I'm sure)
    Transformers (I'm not optimistic right now)
    Terminator (I don't know what to expect from Playmates T4 collection)


    Star Trek - and I'm just really into my Trek stuff right now.

    In fact, while I was long encouraged by others to bring out of storage a lot of my Star Wars stuff so I'd have it here with me, I am actually rather tempted to bring out my Star Trek stuff instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    In fact, while I was long encouraged by others to bring out of storage a lot of my Star Wars stuff so I'd have it here with me, I am actually rather tempted to bring out my Star Trek stuff instead.
    About 2 weeks ago I was going through all of my Trek totes, just to make sure everything's still in there and not damaged or anything. I miss the hell out of collecting that Playmates line. I was surprised by how many of the larger (10-inch?) figures I had collected up near the end.

    I'd given my son almost all of the TOS figures that I had at one point, before he was old enough to play with the Star Wars figures. (Says a lot about the build and play quality of one line vs. another.) I still need to go through and tidy up my pile of TNG figures. Need to sort out weapons, etc.

    Without a doubt there will be as much Star Trek stuff displayed as anything else once I get my studio in order... especially with the new film coming.

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    The original plastic Playmates line was ideal as they made the shuttle, bridge playset, engineering, and a runabout for the figures.

    I'd wished the line had went on, as the variety of aliens and bad guys was great - and I longed for more.

    Not only that, the ships / vehicles and playsets could have continued, with ultimately a Dominion War toy line which would have been awesome.

    Voyager could have had a Borg Invasion line to build enthusiasm for its toys.

    So I'm very interested to see what Playmates will do for the new Trek movie.

    From what I heard, the new figures (Chris Pine's Kirk) will be 3 3/4" (Star Wars figure size), so the ships and playsets could run aplentiful. (Let's hope.)

    There are also some other sizes, 12", and 1 or even 2 intermediate sizes. I'm wondering if one will come close to matching the Art Asylum / DST size. I'd bet not, for the simple sake of distinguishing different products.

    But Medicom and SideShow do 12" Star Wars, and SideShow and DST are doing 1/4 scale Star Wars, too.

    Anyway, I'll buy either what's best accessorized, or what best matches the Trek collectibles I already own. It will be interesting to see what I get (if anything) because I think that while the toys will probably hit stores before the movie, I will wait and see this film first. I'm skeptical about any TOS Trek movie without William Shatner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    Ha, i remember those from back in the day, they were a huge question mark to me as a collector.
    I don't see how you could question it. Playmates Toys was milking the TMNT toy line for all its worth (sqeezing every last dime they could out of it) by using every theme imaginable (cowboys & indians, cavemen & dinosaurs, Universal Studios Monsters, Military, birthday party, Apollo 11 astronauts, etc. Playmates Toys also held the Star Trek toy line (at the time), so it was only a matter time before "Star Trek" themed TMNT toys would come.
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    Like Hasbro hasn't done this with Star Wars and Transformers (or Marvel super heroes for that matter).

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