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    Mmm. I forgot about that (the return with older receipt thing).

    I was just there and got Spock and Uhura extras to hold for a bridge crew for the next movie - just in case.

    My cat is having surgery today and I was up late last night with her in the emergency room, so I'm tired today and not thinking too clearly about all this.

    Roojay: Star Trek figures head / hand swap really easily. Yeah I suppose you could put McCoy on Spock's body and Chekov on a Kirk body, then put Kirk's head on Chekov's body.

    For Spock in the Academy days, just take his hands off before you paint the McCoy cadet body in gray or charcoal.

    I still hold onto hope that Playmates will release the 2nd wave. Star Trek proved far more popular than Terminator.
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    Thanks dude! Yeah, I had planned to do that way back before they'd even shown pics of the second assortment. I'd decided it wouldn't be necessary after all until the recent realization that the second assortment would probably never be released.
    I honestly feel that the line would have performed much stronger if they had only released series 2 much closer to series 1, and perhaps gone with variety over quantity at first to drive sales.

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    Spock [to even find an extra to make McCoy (giving the Vulcan salute?)] is tough to get. I was so lucky that I just happened to feel like stopping in Toys R Us today, and the only single Spock they had left in the whole store was a good paint job and sitting in a $3.50 bin right when I walked in the door.

    Uhura isn't that easy to find either.
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    Now it's the 6" Terminator and Star Trek figures on BOGO (buy one get one), Friday 3pm to Saturday 1pm, stores open until midnight.

    Judging by my recent trips to TRU since the sale, I'd say it didn't put a dent in their existing stock of these.
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    I wonder how well the 6" Star Trek customizes?

    I also wonder if I could make that custom Kyle Reese with Nero and Chekov?
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    My nearest TRU has had the Terminator figures at half off for some time now, but sadly the Star Trek figures are still regular price, and there are not many left.

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    Totally didn't have time to go to TRU today.

    Are there any good price offers for the 6" Star Trek happening today and there-after?
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    The local FiveBelow store by has had the 6" Star Trek figures for $5 each the past few weeks with cases stacked upon cases so you can get every character fresh and untouched by man if you like.

    Haven't seen the 3.75" line at FiveBelow yet, but I'm sure they are coming and maybe the playsets (this is where I picked up all my 3.75 Indiana Jones vehicles for $5 each last year).

    My TRU still has the shelves stocked. I thought it was all leftovers, but yesterday they had put fresh cases out. I saw Uhura and Spock which are the harder ones to find.

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    Think I'll pay a visit to Toys R Us later. Background Character (welcome to the boards) - I don't know where you're posting from but I live in San Diego. I don't know if we have 5-Below-5 stores here. I'll look it up in the phone book I guess. Thanks for the tips.
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    Diamond Select's latest Trek Q&A is up today, and not only does it bring bad news to anyone who has been waiting patiently to give DST their hard-earned cash in exchange for goods & services in the form of wave 5, but it also shows exactly how oblivious the company has become.

    Unfortunately it seems that TOS wave 5 seems to be lost in limbo, but with Toys R Us apparently doing well with DST TOS figures, couldn’t they pick up the slack where pre-orders have fallen short?

    DSTChuck: The idea has always been to have some synergy between the TRU waves and the specialty waves. We just needed to get TRU a little caught up to start. I would not say the figures are blowing out of TRU but yes if they stay with the line that’s one wave we could get the remaining figures into collectors hands.
    1) When it comes to the TOS 3 3/4 figures, when might we see a picture of a protype?
    2) Would the 3 3/4 figures be released in 2010?
    3) Is wave 5 of the TOS (& Salt Vampire) going to happen?
    4) Any word on whether or not Sisko w/ command chair is going to be made? Thanks for all your hard work. Chris

    DSTChuck: Questions #1 and #2 at this point need to be directed to Playmates. Wave 5 as it was listed will NOT be happening. We’re going to work on other ways to get those characters out there. However it does appear as if the Salt Vampire is not going to happen and neither is the Sisko in Defiant chair.
    After cursing for several minutes with wave 5 and Command Chair Sisko's inevitable but drawn out officialized demise, and the Salt Vampire's yet again being cursed into limbo, I noticed something. The underlined bit in the first quote; "I would not say the figures are blowing out of TRU," just doesn't make sense. Why? Well, because the 1-per-case new figures have blown out of the store just fine - Cage Spock only stuck around longer than Kang and "KHAAAN" Kirk have because he was a shoddy and lazy attempt at a Cage Spock. Even he sold out eventually, though. Since they said the figures aren't "blowing out of TRU," I can only assume they mean the rereleases that make up 5 out of 6 figures in the case.

    If that's true, then what hope does the line have? There is absolutely no way they can realistically expect rereleases to "blow" out of TRU. Not only were these figures easy to snag off of ebay for the same price range from the original AA release, but they even made them available in 2-packs outside of TRU. The biggest problem I have with this, though, isn't simply the unrealistic expectations for them to have to blow out of the store, but rather my problem stems from the fact that DST even claims their sells are stable!

    Also from today's Q&A:
    The original idea was that if the first waves of TOS did well in TRU we would start to mix the figures some. However the sales have just been stable, not hot and not bad, just holding their own
    So, rereleases of nearly decade-old figures, that were relatively easy to get for the same price on the secondary market, have STABLE sells - while the new figures in the cases instantly become rare?! It should even be noted that the Scotty rerelease from the latest wave is already SOLD OUT on TRU's site, despite having been available in a 2-pack for the past few months. How is this not a success to them? Considering that with every new case that enters TRU, there is a SINGLE new figure in that case - as of now that is Kang - and then 5 rereleases left over, but those 5 still manage stable sells?

    Meanwhile, DST is sitting on 5 NEW figures that fit in with what TRU is currently offering, but won't get TRU to bite on that product in order to get it released because... they're breaking even with rereleases? DST's unrealistic expectations for this line seem to be the burden that is causing this line to suffer, and slowly suffocate to death. Not to mention that the line's first army-builder, the Romulan Soldier, is due out in the next TRU wave - and it will most likely be 1 per case. With such a tragedy on the horizon, I truly believe that it may very well be the final nail in the coffin.
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