We can always hope Playmates brings the line back out - with Wave 2 as well as a Wave 3 from the next movie when that's ready to go.

The movie end of things is only just beginning.

But Playmates could change the size, quality, or anything by that point.

I don't know how long they'll have the license.

However, for some of the figures:

McCoy in blue
Chekov in yellow

They will definitely be recurring in the next movie, most likely.

As for two cool ones I really want:

Kirk in Skydive gear
Sulu in Skydive gear

I really worry about these making it out.

I also don't know if Kirk in black shirt will arrive - but that's probable.

Sarek? The Romulan General? Keenser?

What about the Delta-Vega beasts? Those were nice-looking toys and I want them! They were in the 7" line, and Chekov and McCoy will surely need to make it out in that line if the size continues to be offered.