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I received my Kruge disruptor yesterday. Here are some pics and thoughts. It measures almost 17" long, which I think is around what the original prop was. When you have it in hand, it feels light, more like a toy than a real weapon, but the actual prop was probably the same way. It has some decent weathering painted onto it, which keeps it from looking like a toy. When you pick it up and fire, its just really neat. My daughters an I were having all kinds of fun with this last night. The lights and sound effects are pretty much what you saw in the videos. A little underwhelming, but I don't know if they could have really done much more. The actualy prop doesn't have much of anything in the way of lights. It has a selector switch on the back for single shot, rapid fire, or disintegrate. It makes a very audible noise when moved. I didn't take a pic of it, but the top of the gun comes off to reveal the battery compartment. Its actually a neat way to hide it and it also leaves things open for maybe making the rifle portion of it in the future. I think its something you actually have to have in hand to really appreciate. I do recommend it, but I still think $60 is kinda steep for it.
Great review, thanks. Kind of disappointing to hear the vid was accurate, I'll have to watch it again but I think this is a big pass for me, at the very least that naked LED and those seam lines coupled with those effects at this price are out of touch for what I can accept for that much coin, that's almost as much as a resin prop replica.