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    One thing of not about the Millennium Flacon. The black paint seems to be sprayed on in varying degrees. One of the Falcons there had really heavy black paint on it and looked a little silly. The other three had a moderate coating, much better looking than the Flacon that was showed at the conventions.

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    The Falcon does look nicer with the darker battle worn colors emphasizing the details, but it's still sad that we don't get the mini figures and we lose the missile firing function For playability the older AF Falcon would be a better choice, but for a nice display, the newer Saga Falcon has a more lived in look....IMVHO
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    I still haven't seen any of the new AFs. I guess preordering them months ago wasn't such a good idea, I want them now!!. I think I'll stop at Walmart today and see if they have them so I can at least see them in person for now.


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    Thumbs down having now looked in targets, toysrus, walmart, kaybee, and k-mart........

    no sightings of either the af's or bp's here in south florida.

    walmart was unloading new boxes into the toy area when i was there, but none of them were marked star wars toys.

    i'll keep looking though
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    GSJ, you may want to broaded your search to another store. I checked 1 Walmart and 3 Targets every day over the last week and never found anything. I went to a Walmart a little farther away yesterday and they had four complete sets of new AF. The other stores still don't have any (or they were already bought up). The AFs don't seem to be well distributed, which makes me wonder if all the stores bought them or not.

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    After checking all the local stores every day last week, I was at our local Wal Mart Super Center last Friday afternoon and finally asked someone in the toy section about Action Fleet (I'd hesitated to do so, fearing if I sounded too interested, they'd consider scooping up / scalping the darned things themseleves), and she told me she was almost certain she saw mention of them in the list of what was arriving that night by truck to be stocked on the shelves between 10PM Fri. night and 6AM Sat. morning.
    I went back around 8:30AM Saturday morning, and there weren't any AFs. I was really let-down. But, as I was going home, I stopped at our other local Wal Mart, which is not a Super Center, and they had exactly 2 of each new AF ship. They were not there late the previous afternoon, so they definitely were stocked overnight. All I can imagine is they maybe got the shipment that was on the truck for the other local store?
    So, the reason for this novella is to affirm what Haggie said, that just because no AF show up at one store, they may well be sitting at another one a few miles away.

    BTW, GSJ, I still haven't received the Aliens ships as of today's mail. I'm going to email the seller right now to get a confirmation of the day/date the package was shipped.
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    still havn't traked any new af's down anywhere......

    but a walmart that i went well out of my way (i mean way way out of my way)was in the process of restocking the toy shelves, and as a glimmer of hope, they did have price tag markings, freshly applied indicating that ep II action fleet would be filling up 4 rows of what is currently vacant shelf space. when i asked one of the nice folks walking around with a "how may i help you" slogan apron, she proved how it was only slogan and not the real deal by replying, "i dunno, come back tomorrow, we may have something then"

    oh well,

    the hunt continues (which in of itself is actually kind of a good thing, as it's been sooooooo long to have anything to hunt for at all!)

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    Thumbs down well, i stopped into two more wal-marts....

    chrimminey i had no idea there were sooooo many down here. (i live and work in one big suburbia i guess )

    found, nada, zilch, bupkis.

    and the hunt continues............
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    I have just tried 2 TRUS in the UK (Preston & Liverpool) ...... no signs at all.

    Also tried 2 comic shops - again, zippo.


    PS a reminder to those that are interested : that cool NX-01 is out in the v. near future - can't wait.

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