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    I saw the clearance items today. The little keychain danglers are $1.90. If you want an AF sized Zam and Ani speeder this may be you only wayto get them, and they are really cheap now.

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    My local Wally World had some today. So I picked up the Falcon and The X-Wing. I don't know if they just got them in or if they are not selling good but they had 21 more left!
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    AF's hit UK.

    Just been to a Memorabilia show and bagged all 3 re-hashes.

    As I am an AF non-opener and therefore not too bothered about the figures, I love 'em - the packaging is great for display purposes.

    No signs of BP's though - although not a BP collector myself.



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    thanx swafster!

    the swafman has come through big time for me! he was able to score all three action fleet for me (i still havn't seen em in any south florida outlet yet).

    these things are definately being marketed with the collector in mind.

    the new packaging is supberb for leaving these toys in the box for display purposes. The grade of trnasparent plastic being utilized for the view panels is far superior ot the original packaging. this will insure that more units stay mib in appearance without the usual buckling or crazed waviness which ran rampant with the old versions.

    my biggest problem with this, is thta i fear that the money that used to be spent on figures and playability, have now been allocated to (as emerald lagasse would say) plating of the dish

    the old packaging allowed one to remove all the contents, and then store the box for future storage, not so with the new style. the stand is now encased in clear platic (almost appears to be hermetically sealed), and is monolithically a part of the plastic pedistal which the ship is placed upon. if one was to remove it (which i will get around to doing when i get home), the plastic pedistal along with the portion which entombs the stand will be forever detached from the bottom of the packaging, and will roll around freely within the pretty box never to present it's pristine appearance again.

    viva la landfill!

    i do however love that there is a yellow stripe down the front of the x-wing's fuselage! the overall painting of the vehicles is definately superior to the original versions.

    that piece of plastic which now foreveer conceals the falcons missle firing feature, bugs the behezuz outta me , particularly as it's unpainted, and is in lousy contrast with the surrounding surfaces which have been given the new and improved painted/washed appearance.

    i can't wait to get these things home, and compare them to thier older siblings>

    thanx again swafman!

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    My Target at the X-wing, Vader's TIE and one or two battle packs on Saturday. I passed for the time since I didn't have the cash. I was impressed with the X-wing.

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    I have mine on layaway, with some army builders at walmart. Still deciding if I wanna open them, I am a mosc/misb collector, but somethings I'd prefer out of the package. Been opening a bit of stuff lately though, so who knows

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    GSJ, wow, that was reasonably quick shipping by the post orifice. Glad you like them, although I'm wondering whether your silence on the VaderTIEx1 is in fact "speaking volumes." More likely you're just waiting for when you have more time to post in detail.
    Hey! Whaddabout the Aliens drop ship? I'm thrilled with mine, except for the spartan cockpit. Remember that those missile pods open up below the opening "wings," too.

    re: the new boxes: be sure to re-read my comments earlier in this thread about opening them and discretely removing the stands to keep the box insert nearly mint.

    Darth forb1us: "To open, or not to open? That [doesn't have to be] the Question." Fortunately, at $9.99 each, getting 2 of each of the three new AF repaints may not be chump-change, but is still less than even one Franklin Mint collectible.

    Suggestion: Get a set now to open or leave boxed, and wait to see if they're down to $4.99 around xmastime and snag a 2nd set to keep the opposite way. Or whatever......

    (can you tell that I'm an AF enthusiast?)
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    Thats a good idea, I just might do it that way

    How long before the AT-AT and snowspeeder are due out? hmm would be nice if all 5 were 1/2 off at christmas (if that happend)
    then I'd definately get a 2nd of each

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    Wait till after Christmas, when Target and Wal Mart wants to get rid of stock. I've picked up some good stuff at post-Christmas sales.

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    Red face don't get me wrong, i like the repainted new vaders tie

    it's just......why oh why do i need another tie advanced x-1?, and another battle damaged one to boot?

    i enjoy having all the repiants for ships like the x-wings, y-wings, a-wings, snowspeeders and the ilk, cause having a fleet made up of so many ships that are all painted different from each other is neato-keeno!

    however.........a fleet of darth vader specials? and several that are battle damaged as well? my enthusiasm wanes a little over this one.

    the repiant is definately nicer than the original, and the silver coloring of the material unde the outer skin is pretty nice, but frankly, i just can't git all worked up in a tizzy over this guy. if you ask me, of the three newly released ships, the x-1 was not a good choice.

    as fer the drop ship, wowwy! this ship is great! hands down, best landing gear operation of any action fleet! i love the drop ship, and high recommend it as a fabulous af for anyone to enjoy!
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