Just a little update of how Action Fleet are doing at stores around the area.

Wal-Mart -- most Wal-Marts I have seen have been sold out of them. A few will have the Vader's Tie or X-wing. Not sure if they have stocked in greater numbers. Reasonably priced at $9.99.

Target -- I went today to a Target and saw that they had 9 AF ships on the shelves--the most I've seen so far. They had 4 X-wings and 4 DF TV as well as 1 Falcon. They were completely sold out of the mini-packs. Also, priced at $9.99.

Kay-Bee -- pegwarming much like a lot of SW stuff does at that store. Price $12.99. I bought a Falcon there--d'oh!

K-Marts -- If I remember correctly, I saw one store had them on one of my earlier hunts. Can't remember the price though.

Can't wait to see some different ships on the shelves soon!