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    Question What would be another good AF line?

    We all know that there was a Action Fleet line for Star Wars, Predator, and Aliens. Although, the later 2 were really short lived. What other lines could be made into Action Fleet?

    I know there were G.I. Joe Micro Machines, but not AF. I think that would have made a awesome AF. With ships like the Cobra Rattler, the Joe Sky Shark. And some of the large ships, The U.S.S. Flagg Aircraft Carrier, of my favorite the Defiant Space Vehicle Complex. Then we can have playsets for each of the Armies. I'd love to have a AF size Cobra Terrordome, or Joe Headquarters. And just think of all the figures they could make for A G.I. Joe Action Fleet. Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlet, Duke, Flint, Cobra Commander, Destro, Baroness, Cobra C.L.A.W.S, Cobra Vipers, Cobra Crimson Guards.

    Just a thought.
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    Battlestar Galactica. There's only a few onscreen vehicles, but oh, to have a Viper and Cylon raider and mini-figs of a Cylon Centurian, Boray Raider, and Lucifer.

    Planet of the Apes. Everyone loves monkeys. (Ok, primates.)

    And the biggest What If? -- Star Trek. (A local collector who knew a designer/modeler at Galoob told me a former Galoob designer headed up Playmates' Strikeforce. Not sure if it's true.)

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    Maybe? It's to bad that both the Star trek Micro lines didn't go over to well. Me personally, really liked the Innerspace line better then the Strike Force.

    Babylon 5 would have made a great Action Fleet line. Their were a ton of ships that could have been made.
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    I second that, Babylon 5 would be a great AF collection.

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    I personally would have liked a James Bond action fleet line.

    I like the GI Joe line concept, toys based on larger toys sounds like a real winner in this case. In the '80s, nobody had more cool vehicles than GI Joe: A Real American Hero, and a lot of these would translate very well to the AF scale.

    I don't know about Trek. My dream line for Trek wouldn't be like Strike Force, it'd be smaller ships like runabouts and shuttlecraft - but almost nobody would buy that. I thought larger Trek ships just didn't translate into the AF scale, the concept just didn't work for me and the execution was even worse.

    Idej, I don't know about that claim, the Strike Force was similar in concept but I always felt they never really captured the spirit of the Action Fleet line - it felt more like a wannabe headed by someone who didn't fully understand what made AF great. That's just my opinion, of course.

    I'm a huge B5 fan, but I don't think that show has much to offer the Action Fleet style. Only the small vehicles like the Starfuries work for me, I feel that larger ships really don't translate too well to the Action Fleet concept. Of course, I'd love AF of those Starfuries and a few other similarly-sized ships from B5.
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    Oops. Tee hee. I guess I didn't put my thoughts down clearly.

    JT, I agree that SF doesn't measure up to AF (which is I didn't buy them). Hence my desire to see how Galoob's team would handle Star Trek.

    Quirky features, like the missile launcher on the t-14, "gas-fill opening" on the SW ships, or the extendable pod racer, are AF signatures, whether they were included to increase play value or a compromise to budgetary constraints, safety concerns, or licensing restrictions.

    These goofy things (for me) give AF character. Devoid of these, SF is bland. And if Hasbro patterned a Star Trek line after Strikeforce, yeah... I'd continue to be turned off.

    In fairness to the design team at Playmates, maybe they didn't have the benefit of a shop as sophisticated as the one utilized by Galoob and mentioned by Glitch in another thread.

    Glitch: what say you about the Galoob/Strikeforce connection? Have I been wearing a dunce cap these 4-5 years and not known it?

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    Question actually, didn't galoob make gi joe vehicles in action fleet scale already?

    battle squads. as sci fi's my thang (alreay got waaay toooo much reality in my life, don't need no toys of it ), I never really got into collecting them, but they were fantastically detailed, and offered the same playabillity and features that were given to the sci fi line. swafster may have more to add here on the battle squads line

    battlestar galactica would definately be a cool source of action fleets. (seein' as they were sw knock off's anyway)

    gotta agree with jt on the size thing. the small to medium ships make the best action fleet scale (hence my not too enthusiastic feelings for the trade federation lander, way to big a bird to have been made an af imho)

    that's one of the things that made galoob such a cool company, if the vehicle was too big to meet the size constraints of af, they would make a mm playset. like the falcon, rebel transport, star destroyer, etc. i always like the scale of the falcon playset to the star fighters when staging battles in lieu of the af falcon. the rebel transport would not have been as well done in action fleet scale either. galoob took a line collection to a never before heard of level by producing so many sized vehicles. it allows for mixing and matching across the lines to find the right scale match ups!

    i was in a hallmark store this weekend, and saw the new delta flyer tree ornament. it's about the size of a sw die cast vehicle (maybe a little larger), it's been fitted out with electronics (when you push a button, captain janeway's voice wishes you a mery x-mas, or something like that), unfortunately, it's got an electrical wire coming out the bottom so as to be connected to a string of lights on the tree, so if one were to add it to their play fleet, it would necessitate the snipping of this wire, as well as removal of the top monted hook.

    it's nicely detailed so it certainly would make a nice addition to a sci fi fleet, i only wish that it was mm scale, then i wouldn't have hesitated a moment in plunking down the $25.00 asking price.
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    Actually if you wait till after Christmas Hallmark marks down their ornaments to half-off.

    I got a couples of the Battle Squads packs, they weren't badly detailed but left quite a bit to be desired considering since they seemed to get confused on play/display value so some fun really got lost in the mini-figs and only some were fun to mess around with. I think the Military Micro-Machines were alot better when it came to this type of stuff because the guys while they were all one-posed, they had their purpose and if you wanted it to do something else then that was on another fig.
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    Speaking of Battle Squads, I always wished they had produced a Naval Series of Battle Squads with everything from Spanish Galeons to the U.S. Civil War legend Monitor and Merrimack, WWII Bismark and U-Boats and Yamato and Yorktown, Normandie Beach invasion fleets, etc..., all the way up to modern-era US & Russian fast-attack and missile subs and nuclear-powered AEGIS destroyers and carriers. Basically all manner of naval war vessels.

    While on the reality-based theme, I'm surprised AF never did a line of real space vehicles, from Sputnik & Telstar all the way up through the Mars Lander and the Space Station currently being constructed. I'd love an AF-quality/price-point version of the Apollo 11 service module/capsule/LEM-Eagle, as well as the cool green-colored Russian capsules (Soyuz??). Talk about playability! Spacewalks and dockings and splashdowns - oh my!

    I'd also like to see more of the Aliens vehicles, an AF-Scale ID-4 alien fighter in a twin-pack with a Battle Squad F-16, also the ships I've seen in the previews for the new TV series Firefly look like good AF-fodder, too.

    Finally, what about a line of craft from the flash-forward sequences in the Terminator flix? They've already shown they can do chrome pretty well with the SWAF royal starship. If they chromed an Aliens AF drop ship, they'd pretty much have one of the Terminator ships already done!
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    Ewwww Batlesquits!

    Yukka ma lukkah!

    I would kill for a Close Encounters set of AFs with a giant transforming Mothership and a Playset of "the dark side of the moon" landing site. It would be cool to have a miniscene of the MacDonalds Roadsign area where the kid nearly buys it at the hands of speeding Roy Neary.

    The UFOs would be dead easy to cast and make as they were all based around a common 18" plate

    I'd also like to see a Farscape line of AF because so far there's been no ships PLEASE DON'T POST SPOILERS IF YOU REFER TO THIS POST - UK is only up to Season 3 thanks

    5th Element has lots of cool designs too, lots of miniscenes and playsetabilities too!



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