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    My first figure and vehicle was Dash Rendar and the outrider. I remember it so well because it was my brother's birthday in Febuary of 97. At the time I bought them, Han, Chewy and the falcon weren't around. So this seemed liked the next best thing. I never thought it would go so far. The falcon, Han, Chewy, Luke, Obi Wan, and C-3P0 came about a month later. And now I am an addict. Wow...I remember that so well.
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    My first figure was the Jawa two-pack, soon to be followed by the Fleet Trooper.

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    well Dark Ross it was pretty much the same way I started buying my figs - when i first saw the figs I thought they looked stupid and way too buff but when a friend of mine started buying them and gave me a chewbacca to my birthday i slowly started buying them too - han solo, stormtrooper, monkey I'm glad my friend bought me that first chewbacca, else I would've never gotten into this stuff

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    jawa 2 pack...later gave it awy for mamow nadon
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    My first was the whole first wave. I got them for Christmas I believe. I, being the fool that I was, opened them. Soon after I went out and bought one of each to collect in the package. Thus began the long journey of buying 2 of each figure which I still do to this day. I also began buying up large amounts of stormtroopers to build an army, however I could never allow myself to open any of the packages. I have over 30 packaged orange card stormtroopers. Ah, the good old days of collecting. Much cheaper than it is now, and by far so much easier to find back then.

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    I bought a Jedi Luke and a Long Saber Darth Vader, but it was before I knew about the whole long saber vs. short saber thing, and I actually didn't care - I had fun playing with them. I got those at a KB Toy Works.
    And later that week, I went to Wal*Mart and picked up a Boba Fett and a Han In Carbonite (chamber, not the block)...and it just kinda grew from there.

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    My first figures were X-Wing Pilot Luke and Darth Vader (Dont ask me if it was long or short,I didnt care)It was a wonderful day,out with my grandmother(Who supports my SW Fandom).I cant believe 10 dollars got me both!
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    I forgot mention that my first Vader has a long-bladed lightsaber.
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    Chewbacca. I remember the day I saw it. It was the beginning of my passion and I owe it chewie. That is why he's my favorite character. He revived my love of Star Wars.
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