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    My two favorites for the last 25 years -- Han and Chewie. It was at Target.

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    I actually forget the year - maybe '96 or '97, or even '98 - but my first POTF2 figure was (of course) a Stormtrooper. I probably would never have gotten back into Star Wars figures if it hadn't been for my coworker. He pinned a few orange-carded figs on his wall at work (which I thought looked awful, and constantly gave him grief about), and I decided to go to TRU to look at all these so-called new SW figures. I bought a Stormtrooper just for the good memories of childhood. I opened it up immediately, and was hooked...again! The next figures - and for good measure - the next years are all a blur.
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    My frist POTF2 was Vader with long saber and Stormtrooper at KB toys. After that great day that I learned that StarWars was reborn I fell in love for the second time. Ok thats a little much, but I was the happiest kid in the store!
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    A Stormtrooper at Spencer gifts in Lansing for $5.99

    The next few days were spent hunting down all the rest. That freaking Speeder Bike for some reason was practically impossible to find in Lansing!!

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    My first were Luke and Ben. I heard that there was going to be a new line of SW figures, but seen them yet. Then at an after X-mas sale there they were. I would have got more but those were the only two the store had.
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    Darth Vader -- just like in 1978.
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    I bought the whole first wave (except Leia, of course) but Obi-Wan was the apple of my eye!
    Even though Leia was my first love, Padme is waaaaayyyy hotter!

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    Hello all,

    My first purchase came back in the good year of 1995, in the good month of August. FAO Schwartz in New York City was the place. I dished out a lot more than I should have for the fig, but I loved it! Didn't think for a minute that my collection would amount to being that Han + 1100 other pieces.


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    I read about them in the now defunct Star wars galaxy magazine, they showed a bunch of first shots, and prototypes. From the time that came out until the line was released, I would check the stores every other day, which was fairly uncommon foe me back then. When alas in the mid august heat, I walked into the air conditioned bliss of K-mart to find the towering display of figures right in the entrance. I weeded through with a bunch of grown men, hmm odd (I was only 16 at the time). I grabbed all 9 and ran out the door(after paying). a month or so later I found all the ships.

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    My first POTF2 figure? Well, I found all of the 1st issue guys at K-Mart except for Leia and C3PO. Got them all at once.


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