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    First figure

    Back in '95 I was 16. I never had a real job befor, but I saw an ad for these new Star Wars figures comeing out so I got my but an application at this store my brother worked at. Anyway, I got mine at a stor called Hills (later turned into Ames and then went out of business). I got Luke, Vader, Obi Wan (all w/ long sabers), Han, Chewy, and Stromtrooper. I got them all for $5.00 each. Those where the days. Now it seems ten or so jobs later a college education, and boxes and boxes of figures it is time to do it all over again on April 23rd.

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    February 1996. I was at Disneyland and had just come out of the Star Tours ride and was completely blown away by the fact that they even existed. Knowing nothing about the current state of toys, I immediately snapped up C3P0 and R2D2 --- I just couldn't believe that at long last he had a third leg!!!

    I also simply could not resist getting a new TIE FIGHTER. (My old one was one of the few SW toys that had not survived my childhood.) And I was totally convinced that these were Park Exclusives or something. (Imagine my surprise when I later realized I'd nearly paid double for everything.)

    Anyway, it was months before I started collecting. (I really tried to resist.) So, for quite a while either Artoo or Threepio were zipping around piloting a renegade TIE . . .

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    One day at Wal-Mart I saw'em on the pegs and I got a Stormtrooper and R2-D2...then for Christmas and my birthday that year I got all the vehicles and the rest of the figure wave.
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    I hadn't collected Star Wars figures since I was 13 years old. Still have all my original stuff. I was walking throught Wal-Mart one day and spied the "new" figures. I was a bit skeptical about the "buff" look but I bought a Boba Fett to put on my desk at work. That started me collecting again....many, many figures later I'm still at it.
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    My first POTF2 figure was the mail-away Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise from the back of a box of Corn Pops. I was still about five years away from becoming the fanatical collector that I am now, but how can anyone in their right mind pass up a free Stormtrooper? When I originally got it, I had to give him a leftover GI Joe gun that I painted black with a magic marker (my first and only customizing job to date). It's still prominently displayed with said gun as a reminder of where I started.
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    Sept. 1995 at Service merchandise.Was getting Divorced and was in there checking for housewares.I saw and bought A Falcon Han and Chewie.I always loved Star wars and these were really the only toys I had when I was a kid.Couldn't help it.They all still are the only toys I display that I never rotate.Great place to restart
    Bye to all.thanks for some good times.

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    My first was "Buff" Luke. I was just going to get him & Vader. But I just couldn't stop.

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    orange carded darth vader..i got him at a store called "rock bottom"...a few weeks afterwards i got luke and an at-st

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    It was power FX Darth Vader in 1997 ....I spent a whole week looking at his saber at night.. then I said I'd buy the basic figures and maybe those ones that I really like...
    I don't know what happened later


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