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    Yeah, it'd be cool. Snap on lightning bolts would be cool.

    Bring it on Hasbro!
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    Since Hasbro is all into this deluxe packaging with great big windows, they could do a sequel to their Final Duel Cinema Scene with a defeated Vader, Luke Writhing in agony on the ground, and the Emperor shooting nasty painful blue lighting into him. All on a nifty Throne Room Staircase set in a nice big package.

    I suppose it's too much to ask, but make the Luke figure the really great Deluxe Endor/jedi Luke Jar Jar Binks and I came up with.

    And while I'm on this fantasy trip, make a Sith Infiltrator and send me a million dollars Hasbro.

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    Nah, much rather have a regular resculpt Luke Jedi as seen in jabbas palace.

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    Temporary solution

    In the meantime while we all wait for Hasbro to make an Emperor's wrath Luke Skywalker, you can take the lightning off of a couple R3T7's and put them on your favorite Jedi Luke figure so far and VOILA! you've got yourself an make-shift Emperor's Wrath Luke Skywalker.

    Just wish that Hasbro would actually release two more Jedi Lukes. One with Emperor's Wrath and another Endor Capture with the magno-cuffs (like Bespin Capture Han Solo). Both figures would have tons of articulation etc...
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