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    Saga Bloody Luke C8+/-
    POTF2 GC Vader MOMC
    POTF2 GC Fett MOMC
    POTF2 FF Luke Stormtrooper C8+/-
    EP1 Obi soft goods

    POTJ Han Bespin
    POTJ Senate Guarde x2
    POTF2 Emperor
    EP1 Tat. Maul
    EP1 Maul soft goods
    EP1 Palpatine
    EP1 Maul from Tat. Showdown
    EP1 Anakin from Tat. Showdown
    POTJ Maul generator duel
    POTF2 Royal Guard x3
    POTJ Jango preview
    Epic force Boba Fett
    EP1 Theed Generator set(no droid)
    12in Han Endor loose
    12in Battle Droid Commander
    12in Luke Jedi
    12in Maul/Speeder

    GI Joe
    New: Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow - loose, complete
    Older, the re-issues two packs from a couple years ago: Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow loose, complete
    Cobra Commander/Baroness loose complete

    Gundam 4in figures
    Endless Waltz Heavy arms - loose, complete
    Endless Waltz Tallgease3 - loose, complete
    Don't know the name, it is an off-white color with some blue, and 81 on its chest.
    Wing Zero Custom 12in model(very little assembled)


    POTF2 Luke Jedi Green Card no hologram MOMC
    POTJ Luke X wing loose
    EU Darktrooper
    EU Spacetrooper
    TF Vader
    Saga Dexter Jettster loose
    Saga Female Tusken loose
    Saga Geonosian Warrior loose
    Saga Taun We loose
    Saga Jar Jar loose
    Saga Massiff loose
    Saga Orn Free Ta loose
    Saga Djas Purh loose

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