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    Re-sealing vintage cards.......

    I heard a rumor that you can remove and then I guess re-seal vintage figures back into their bubbles and have it look decent. Is this easy to spot if someone has done this to a figure? What if anything should I look for when buying vintage figures? Any input would be appreciated.

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    It's not the way it sounds. I have 3 of them(Bespen Guards White/Black & Stormtrooper all on E.S.B. cards), What they do is find the old cards people still have,with the bubble still with it (not on it) then they GLUE it or STAPLE it or TAPE it back on with a c9 or better figure. It is kind of easy to tell it has been Re-Sealed. From farther away it displays nicely though......But if these are Vintage card Reproductions with new bubbles and Vintage Figures, I would stay clear of that lot.


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