Well, I'm going to go out a limb here and post this thread in the EP1 section even though it will probably get noticed by one or two other people since the line is dead.

Has anyone else run across goofy and inconsistent pricing at TRU on clearance EP1 stuff? I'm specifically talking about the Invasion Force line. My TRU in Orem, UT has a bunch of Invasion Force Mauls with Sith Attack Speeder (an EU vehicle/figure set). They've priced them at $4.97 each and they pop up as something like 'Maul & Obi-Wan' on the price scanners. TRU's also received some Mini-AATs w/Battle Droids and Gungan Sub w/OB1, but they scan at $1.97 even though they are put in the same display basket with the $4.97 price sign.

I talked with some store employees and they swear up and down that the pricing is like that because the Mauls are so much more popular. If that were the case then all the Mauls would be gone instead of the other two types. I think they just forgot to change the price and are blowing smoke.

Anyone else come across this?