A couple of things from today...

I picked up my 2 framed posters and now have them hung. They look pretty good, and it really helps to cover up some blank wall. Looking at the new additions I was reminded of friends comments the first time they saw my collection, commenting that it looks like a museum.

I got SWG: Jump To Lightspeed today. A shelf label said it was 24.99 instead of the marked 29.99, so I got it since it was cheaper.

Stopped at TRU on way home. They had 1 VOTC Boba. Damn that looks good in the package! Picked up a silver Vader and "Defense Of Naboo" multi pack and headed to the register. I asked how much the Vader was and was told 9.99 (they were on pegs with the other VOTC figs). My order was rang up and since the Naboo pack was 19.99 I got Vader for free. Sweet. Almost bought the Playskool Stormtroopers just because they were cute looking.