So, in the last post in July I said that money's been tight, and it has been for the most part, but now I can afford to get the AT-TE and can't find it in stores after Black Friday!

A couple weeks ago I saw the BMF in Costco for $125, but this week it was totally gone. Hoping the AT-TE shows up there with the extra figs (and that it doesn't sell out before I get there).

Found the Sarlacc Pit BP at Target this morning for 62.99. NICE looking set! The one downpoint would be that the paint app on the 3 on shelf was not the best. I'm am specifically referring to Luke, Han and the Skiff Guard. The skiff and sarlacc looked great; sarlacc tentacle is bendy, so you can wrap it around figs legs to draw them in. Not a single BAD fig, they were all SL and CW. No other BP's here (same at Wm and TRU) since Black Fri. Sry - they did have 1 or 2 of the exclusives, didn't look to see if Yoda or Obi.