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    Question When is "Once upon a Toy.." opening + who's going?

    I was wondering what day and what time the new "Once upon a toy" in Downtown disney California will be opening. Will they for sure have the Star Tours figures and how much will they cost? Is anyone else on the board planning on going?


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    There's no "Once Upon a Toy" store opening in Downtown Disney in California, only at the Downtown Disney in Florida; and that one officially opens on Aug 1st but is supposedly already open. And they already have the Star Tours figures.
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    I wish I could go to get the Star Tours figures, but sadly I can't. No money and no transportation...
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    i wish i could too, but way to california. they really should make these avaliable to everyone somehow
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    The store in Downtown Disney is open, although I've seen it called by 2 different names (Toys Fantastic and Once Upon a Toy). Anyway, it's there and the Star Tours toys are there, I went on 7/28 and they had a pretty good supply of the figures.


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