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Thread: Sculpey Q&A

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    Sculpy Q&A

    I know just about everyone uses it for customs, just how do you use it? I read somewhere that you have to bake it? Is that true, if so how long etc, and won't the rest of the figure melt?

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    It is similar to modeling clay except that to make it permanent you'll have to bake it or heat it. Detailed instructions come with the stuff when you buy it. You DO NOT bake it with the figure! You make the mold of say the head for the figure, bake it or heat it using a hair dryer or heat gun. After it dries, you then glue it to the figure.
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    'Course if you use a hair dryer then I'm sure you could probably leave it on the figure or something since the figure would just heat up which wouldn't be nearly the same as baking it in the oven. I've use the hair dryer on a couple figures to try to repose them and they just soften up.
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    I've had a good deal of success curing super sculpey in boiling water. I usually heat up a mug of water in the micro (be careful taking it out--it's hot and could bubble over), then I stick the figure and sculpey in for 30 to 60 seconds depending on the thickness of the sculpt.

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    Thanks all. if everything goes well you'll get to see pictures, heck even if I get a blob of gray plastic I'm sure that'd garner a laugh or two.
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    Question Sculpey??

    Hey all dioramas enthusias... I have heard alot abt this thing called super sculpey... What is it actually? Is it something like clay where is hardens when blow dried? I am kinda finding a substitute as I don't think I can find the same brand called super sculpey... It would be better if someone actually had some pics to actually let me visualise what it looks like! So come on you lads... HELP ME!!

    Cheers All
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    Sculptey is a modeling clay. It hardens when you bake it. You can buy it at a craft store. I bought some for around $2. The package itself is approx. 2 inches x 3 inches x .5 inch. It is wrapped in a clear plastic. It comes in many different colors.

    This website might help you.
    They have "How To" and on line supplier links
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    Hey thanks RougueII!! I think I know what to look out for now... Maybe now I should extend the thread alittle...

    Anyone with any experiences and work with sculpey?

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    Sculpy rules. I got the white color because I find it easiest to work with. I've always baked it. Does a hairdryer work?
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    I heard that you could dry it with a heat gun which I think it much hotter than a hairdryer.... maybe if you use the hairdryer for an extended period of time... it could be done... but thats just a guess from me... Anyone else could confirm it with me too?
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