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    I've got fifteen seperate items on order right now and it looks like quite a lot of them are coming in pretty much on top of each other. Which is a bummer because the way I'd ordered them they were supposed to be staggered. But the more I think about it the more I kind of think how cool it would be to have two shuttles side by side. Maybe that sounds greedy. Maybe it's something to do with wanting one since I was a kid. *throws hands in air in exasperated gesture* I suppose I'll just have to see how the one fits into my display area and then decide on the other at a later date.
    There's traders in Liverpool who'll pay for it I suppose. Mersey collectibles or the guy who used to be in the Quiggins centre. My other half thinks I should box it up and leave it in the loft for a few years. Then sell it.
    What's really odd is that I never thought I'd get one at all then two turn up at once. Life's a buggar like that.

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    FIFTEEN items on order?!
    Blimey! I'd be hard-pressed to think of a dozen items that are currently-available that I'd really want. The really juicy Saga 2003 stuff seems a couple of months away yet, and like you I'm passing on most of the resculpts.

    Don't know Liverpool at all. Despite living in the NW for over half my life, I only got that far once - and that was a coach trip!

    There are merits to the hoard-and-sell approach, I suppose.
    My own 'loft' (half-shelf at one end of flat) is about 50% full of empty Hasbro boxes - as a loose collector, maybe I should throw them away.

    A couple of times I've found myself with duplicates, and I used to just let them sit on the shelves till I discovered the joys of customizing.
    It might be a bit of an extravagance to adopt this approach with regard to the Shuttle, but you could always change the paint-job so that one looks like the Tyderium, another like the Emperor's, etc.
    "Afterlife, aftershave - don't hold with any of it!" - Sir Henry Rawlinson.

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    Well the Toy Palace one arrived just now and it's beautiful! Me and the other half have been playing with the wing mechanism for ages. First time the other half has ever bothered to explore any star wars toys with me. The box is a whopper and rightly so because it's all prebuilt inside and all you have to do is attch the top wing and cockit canopy. I just flew it round the room a couple of times and she seems to like flying casual got a sticky right wing though, have to watch that. The wing guns are on upside down but Bigbarada says you can pop then off and re-arrange them. Not sure if I'll attempt it in case I break the connectors.
    Customising the second one is a thought. I believe vaders shuttle has all clean wings so i could simply repaint those dark grey bits.
    I keep all the big boxes in the loft flatpacked. If we move I'll still have the boxes to transport the stuff in then. Got big storage tubs for all the other stuff. Oh well, off to play with the new love of my life.....

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    Hi Guys !

    Just to advise you, the first wave of shuttles at our confirmed FINAL price of £75, are being shipped today.

    The first batch of pre-orders are dated Sept. 02 and any orders after that will be shipped in our next batch, expected much later in February. We were asked by our customers for a cheaper price, opposed to a faster delivery, so that's what we aimed for.

    Also, we are adding a nearly full list of figures, unleashed, deluxe etc, for 2003 to our COMING SOON section on the website. Most of the list was published from the Universal Cards German catalogue on another news site.......if i had time, we would have added these items last Saturday, we are just sooooo busy !!!

    Trash compactor sets are available in small numbers now, and as a final note there will be a LOT of new items in February (or so we expect) - we actually received freeze frame zuckuss again, death star esacpe cinema scenes and a bunch of other classic toys...all to be added to the website any day now.

    Enjoy the shuttles.....they are AMAZING value.

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    But will wave three star tours ever show up........ must - have - R5-D4........

    That's great news John, thanks for keeping us in the loop. "On another news site" that's so diplomatic. oh hush my mouth. Gonna get into trouble again. No seriously That's grand news John I'll be sure to stop over later in the week and have a gander. My other half is going to kill me if I order anything though.....

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    you are also an ill-fated victim of the lesser-spotted husband batterer aswell then ? me too LOL !

    wave 3 star tours, and cantina wave 2 are on 'hold' until further notice FYI.

    Did you all register at the ukswcc yet ? WELL worth it, we are the primary sponsor in Europe and trust me this will be the best UK star wars site for news and collectors' benefits !

    head over to or the galactic senate (neal73) and check out the very basid preliminaries, or indeed our very own basic front page. Our new site is soooo close to completion its itching.

    Memorabilia will see the official launch of the ukswcc, and loads of great news, comp's, insider info, pre-releases, spoilers, the lot ! PLUS a very snazzy website.



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    Thanks for the update, John!
    I didn't order my Shuttle till after Xmas, so I guess I'll be in the later wave. Ah well - I'm glad February is a short month!

    Enjoy the Shuttle, Jargo!
    Flat-packing - there's a thought....
    "Afterlife, aftershave - don't hold with any of it!" - Sir Henry Rawlinson.

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    OHHHHH I am so excited about new figs. Hopefully John will be able to get new Padmé, library droids and Aayla Secura this Feb!!!!
    I knw Aayla is pushing the boat out a bit, but you never know!!
    Hehe. These figs are a great improvement. Good year Ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ireland rule!!!!!
    Next on List : Destroyer Droid (Arena Battle) ,Clone Trooper with Speeder bike, Geo Arena, Dooku Speeder, Aayla Secura (Jedi Knight), Barris Offee (Jedi Knight), Commerce Guild Spider Droid!!!!!

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    GREAT SCOTT!!! I can't believe it, John posted last night that the shuttles were shipping and I was woken this morning by the courier with my shuttle and cheeky grin for some reason..... anyway, I got my shuttle on the overnight. That's just amazing. Thabnks John and team, Superb service as usual. I'm a happy but poor bunny now.

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    I was a bad boy...

    I try to use R2 as much as possible but I went with a local supplier whose delivery has been with Parceline since Friday. They have mislaid it temporarily... I am in shell shock, and on anti-depressants till it arrives.

    So damn you Jargo for your double shuttle-ness!!! May your overdraft swell!
    Look - I'm Princess Leia!


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