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    Well, I ordered Shaak Ti first by card, and I ordered it on a Wednesday night at around 9pm and it arrived on the Friday morning. Then I ordered Endoor Rebel Trooper and Massif on a Saturday night, and it arrived on the Wednesday morning, not bad being as my order probably didn't go through untill the monday morning!
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    They've just had a new delivery! I've just picked up Lott Dodd, Tusken with Massiff, and beardless Endor Soldier, as well as the Teemto and Cantina trio I ordered last week. They've also got Watto and the new landspeeder with Luke.

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    Wow, that was quick, I'm going straight over there now!
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    I have to be honest with you, I didn't really believe you, or I at least thought that they where there but said pre-order next to them, but I appologise sincerly, they have got them, although I didn't see Watto, looks like Ephant Mon has already sold out, no suprise there. So have they arrived yet? If so, can you tell me what number's Tusken, Lott Dod and Watto are please, e.g 02.45.
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    Yes, it's twue, it's twue!
    I picked them up when I went to the shop today!

    It looks like Teemto is 02.46, Lott is 02.51, and the Tusken is 02.52.
    I decided not to buy Watto, but from the backs of the cards of the figures I DID buy, it looks like he is 02.50, Ki-Adi is 02.44 and Ephant is 02.45.
    (Never really noticed the numbers on the back of the cards before... but then I'm a loose-collector and tend to throw all my boxes and cards into the loft!)

    I think there were only a couple of Wattos in today's delivery, but when I asked about Ephant I was told that he SHOULD have arrived today, but that the suppliers had sent the wrong case by mistake!! So we'll all have to wait a bit longer for that one!

    They said they should have the four "exclusive" accessory-sets in stock in the next few weeks, too!

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    Your lucky, you can go and see fo yourself, I have to go on there web site and wait for 2-3 days before I get my figures.
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    Yes, I only discovered them accidentally when I bought Amanaman from them on eBay back in November!
    Very lucky, that.

    If you DO get the chance to visit their store I'd recommend it -
    I think 50% of their profits must go on replacing the halogen lights they have installed in the ceiling of their "Jabba's Palace"-style shopfront!
    They're very rough-and-ready when it comes to organising their displays - John the prioprietor has been heard to ask customers "Where shall I hang this, then?" when he receives a new delivery.

    (I work within walking-distance of Forbidden Planet and the Cinema Store in the West End too, so I suppose I am rather spoilt in that respect.)
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    I live in the east end, but work out in Essex. I just don't get chance to get into town to go to FP and places. Luckilly I'm off work on Friday so can opop around everywhere in the afternoon. What's the nearest tube for R2DToys?
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    Nearest tube station (walking distance) to R2DToys is Turnpike Lane (Piccadilly line).
    It's on Wightman Road - follow Turnpike Lane itself westwards from the tube toward Muswell Hill and turn left at the first major junction (there's a light-fitting shop on the corner).
    The shop itself is next to a cafe but you'll know it from the handful of figures and models in the window.

    It's also possible to get to R2DToys from Archway tube station (Northern line) by taking a no. 41 bus.

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    Originally posted by kdp100
    (I work within walking-distance of Forbidden Planet and the Cinema Store in the West End too, so I suppose I am rather spoilt in that respect.)
    I envy you sooo much!
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