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    R2DToys Is Amazing

    I'm just posting this to say how impressed with the service at R2DToys, they deliver almost as soon as you've ordered and they accept Solo cards, which is rare on the net!
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    Solo is rare anywhere. My lodgers have only got solo and their lives are living hell for it!

    I've used R2Dtoys a couple of time sna dhave nothing but praise for them. They also seem very honest about their prices, although I know there are other people who have different feelings.
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    I've only ordered from R2DToys once, I bought Count Dooku there. A glitch allowed my order to go through, even though they were out of stock, the guy running the site e-mailed me about this and told me that someone else's order (of Dooku) was rejected and so they sent that one to me. I was very pleased and I recomend that site to anyone.
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    R2 Toys are okay, I have had better service. I ordered a TIE Bomber from them and it took over a week to arrive, at least it arrived. So I not giving them top marks at the moment.

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    I still say look around for the best deal going whenever you buy. I use R2DTOYS, ToyPalace, Popcorn, TheToyshop/Entertainer, Above and beyond etc... I just do a price compare on everything before ordering and work out the savings. being a bit canny with the moolah means I can order more stuff over all.
    But i've always had excellent service from R2DTOYS. Some bloody good prices on stuff I never would heve been able to afford otherwise. Thank god the website is up and running though and better than ever I might add.

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    Well it's better than a trip down to London!
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    Jek Porky 2008

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    I've been to this site, even though I'm from the States. Never bought anything, but I do think the prices are good. Anyway, could you inform the rest of us of what a Solo card is? I doubt it has anything to do with Han Solo, but it's still cool sounding.

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    Solo's just another kind of UK debit card, similar to Switch but possibly less flexible.

    I tend to visit R2DToys in person, as I live only a short bus/tube ride away from their shop (which is decorated to look like one of the shadowy corners of Jabba's palace!), and I can just about get there and back in my lunch hour.
    John (the proprietor) and his assistants are always friendly and helpful. They're also VERY scrupulous about keeping stuff back for people who've bought online.

    I don't think a week is really so unreasonable to wait for the delivery of a parcel, considering the state of the postal service these days.
    I've bought plenty of goods from various UK sellers through eBay, and none of them has ever been quicker than that.

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    Solo is a bank card rather than a credit card, instead of charging to your card and paying a bill afterwards, you can only use what you have got in your bank, so it's quite a sensible option.
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    Jek Porky 2008

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    I ordered a figure by post so it took more than a week but the figures are all in great condition. I will order from them again soon. But Jek how quick is the delivery after you order by plastic??
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