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    Futurama Season 2 DVD?

    I know I probably won't get a reply to this but, does anyone know if they are planning a release of the second season of Futurama? Or will they not bother now that the show has been axed?
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    Axed?!? Nooo! I thought they were bringing it back for at least one more season.
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    you from over seas or something? I haven't found futurama 1st season here in the states and amazon and suncoast don't have a release date for it and you're wondering about the 2nd season...

    I'm still hoping for the 1st season to show up here. I'd order it from but I don't want to pay almost twice as much for it.

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    Yes, I'm from England, sorry I forgot that it wasn't released in America but if you do get it shipped over, it's well worth the money.
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    I loved the show, and I'm bumming that is done. But I will get it when and if they do release it here. If not I'll bite the "pound" and order it from I still can't figure out why the pound is so strong still...$1.60 for a pound...

    But I will take your recomendation to hear and I will get the 1st season on DVD.


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