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    Angry Most difficult to find aotc figure

    Hey guys. I just wanted to know what the hardest to find AOTC figure is out there. For me, it's definitly Yoda. Haven't seen him since April. Are they still shipping him?

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    dooku and yoda are shipping 2 per case in the new waves. so they are both the same rareness around here.
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    Angry Two per case?!!

    man, it's no wonder i've been unable to snatch one! Hasbro just sucks! Because all the stores are loading up on all the new figures, i'm probably never going to see yoda in my area. This is a problem that hasbro should address soon.

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    go to the stores at around 4-7 at night. i think that is when they put stuff out if they are open 24 hours....thats what they did at out local meijers.
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    Yoda here.

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    cool avatar, nexu! do you like mine?
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    Sure do. You draw that yourself?

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    Back on topic...

    The hardest to find figure(s) for me are any in the newest wave. I can find the first 40 in every Wal-Mart and some targets, although the K-B's and TRUs are just getting the Bespin wave...

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    Old palpatine is the hardest to find here, mostly because he hasn't been released in theis country yet.
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    while i have not yet found anakin t.a. or darth maul either , i would not call them the most difficult to find since they have been recently released and just haven't made their way around yet.

    yoda is definitely the most difficult to find since he is the most popular character (with collectors and kids alike.)
    i saw 20 - 30 of him on 4/23 but have seen only 2 since then.
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