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    The DeathStar gunner is one fig I'd really love to see rereleased. The 2 pack it originally came in is very hard to find (IMO), not to mention expensive.

    As for the Leia Boussh, I managed to get a hold of the earlier version(from the 3 pack)....but if Hasbro improve on it enough and it does come with the Han in Carbonite(or even just the block) I'd consider picking it up again. Interesting to note that Amazon are listing it(the Leia Boussh) as a TRU exclusive though.
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    I would love to see a Han as he was when he came out of the carbonite. This set will be cool if they do a very good resculpt of Leia Boush, Han Hybernation Sickness, and have the block with the rubber cover a la Carbon Freezing Chamber playset for the short figure line (3 3/4").
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    I dont see the need for Hasbro to redo them. I would mucj rather see never before made characters.
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    Well, was hoping to see Leia Boushh as a singular pack. I don't need another Han... oh well... dissapointing as usual.

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    Yeah, I agree with that. If they are going to release an exclusive from a multi pack, why would you team it with another multi pack?
    Most people got either one or the other. Now we are just scr**ed, and heve to over pay to get the one we didn't get before. Leia should be alone!

    Besides, the Han Carbonite original release was way overpriced. How do you justify an extra $25 by adding only a thin pressed piece of plastic with a 12" figure? Now it's going to happen again!

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    I know one thing we don't need, another open-backed Han carbonite block.
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    Right, just pack Boush with the 12"-Jabba.

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    Yeah, but the original will always have the box with it. These reissues (and resculpts) are for those who didn't get the figure the first time around (like me). They'll be in a different package, so it's not really the same exact product. At least that's what they were probably thinking...

    I doubt for $40 we'll get the Han AND Leia. That's just a bit TOO much value! Probably just like the other ultimate editions: Leia with a bunch of cool crap...

    I'll buy it for sure!

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    IMO I think it's rediculous to reproduce Carby Han because they weren't exactly flying off the shelves the first time around. I waited till they were clearanced to get mine. The scuplt of the head was of poorer quality than the sculpt they had just put out with the Han/Tauntaun TRU exclusive. That one looked JUST like Harrison Ford. Then they put out the muscle-necked version with Carby Han.

    I think it's silly too to put out another Boussh Leia because what are exclusives for if you can just wait and get them individually later? This has happened with at least Greedo and Grand Moff Tarkin to date. Probably more. However, I didn't get her with the three pack because I wasn't going to shell out 80 bucks for just one figure as I cared less about the Han and Luke. I welcome the new Boussh Leia, but I think it sucks for all of those people who got her as the "exclusive" to begin with.
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    Originally posted by aikman
    12" Boush (head resculpt)
    12" han in carbonite
    both previous exclusives
    now rereleased.
    That's my sentiments exactly aikman, do something new for gods sake and stop the re-hashing of old figures by calling them two-packs.


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