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    Re: 12" Boushh Leia/Carbonite Block

    You can still preorder her atAmazon.

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    Leia Bounty Hunter

    Quick question: Is there going to be a release of Leia Bounty Hunter in December? I have it preordered at but I have not heard anything confirming the release. I know of the Leia Bounty hunter with Han Solo Carbinite but this is supposed to be just the Bounty Hunter. I really need to know because I have Dengar and Zuckuss already ordered and I don't want to mis out on them because Amazon is waiting for Leia Bounty hunter to ship my order.
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    the leia/boussh han/carbon block is supposed to be released in february 2003 and will sell for about $40. there is not supposed to be a single figure release.


    12" Leia Boushh Price Change
    11/22/2002 1:40:32 PM | Reported by Mike
    Amazon/ has relisted their exclusive 12" Leia Boushh with Han Carbonite Block and updated the price and release date. Initially offered at $22.99, the price has been raised to $39.99 with an expected arrival of February 15th. Thanks goes to vader067 for the heads up

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    Why is it 40 bucks? The photos show nothing worth that. The Carb block looks even worse that the 1st one. The only retooling I see is the boots are a different color and the face has a smile. Why would Hasbro put a smile on this figure???? Man, I don't understand this, Zuckuss looks awesome and well made and then they throw this at us. I guess for every 1 great 12" figure we get 10 crappy ones.
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    this is the same price hasbro charged for their GI Joe/vietnam wall memorial set. i waited until it was marked down to $17 before buying it. the carbon block appears to use the same "technology" as the light-up vietnam wall.

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    the reissue craze.... a little irritating. I'll admit I'm tempted if the reissue has something that really stands out as a significant improvement or change but so far from the pics I've seen, I'm going to have to pass on this one.
    It's like the overpriced Luke/Tauntaun set....yeah a new bloody-accneted face and a broken horn on the beast...neither of these huge efforts on Hasbro's part and not worth the $60.oo asking price.
    I'm in agreement with those who would rather see Hasbro invest the shelf space & time into new characters instead of these lame re-packs....

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    Derek, I think you may be on to something. Will Leia have her hand against the carbonite block in the packaging? If we peel off the picture of Han Carbo, will we see the memorial wall names?
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