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    Leia Boush with Han in Carbonite Block is planned

    12" Leia Boussh with Han in Carbonite Block is planned as a Toys R Us exclusive for 4th Quarter,
    says Rebelscum.

    Yes, this post has to be in a 12"-section, so vote for it:

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    thats cool...i hope rebelscum is acurate sounds cool enough for me to gock at in the store.........(i don't buy 12")
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    I thought it was just Boushh without Han... Oh, well... either way, I'll probably pass on this. It'll probably be cool, though.
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    If that's true, this might be the first 12" that I buy...
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    This would explain why Leia in Boussh disguise was parted from the Dengar/Zuckuss wave. But I honestly don't see a market for it this year, even if the set is only $40, as opposed to $60 for the initial POTF2 versions (although Leia was part of a 3-pack that was $100).
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    12" Boush (head resculpt)
    12" han in carbonite
    both previous exclusives
    now rereleased.

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    Well, I didn't get the originals. I'll be snapping these up when tehy come out
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    Yes, please.

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    I get tired of hasbro reissuing previous exclusives for two reasons:
    1st, what is the point of the 12" exclusive figure in the first place, and 2nd they are wasting time that could be spent creating new 12" figures that they may otherwise never produce.

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    Yeah it would be nice for Hasbro to release the figures that were part of the exclusive 12" 2 pack: Emperor's Royal Guard, Death Star Gunner, Bib Fortuna.


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