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    Is anyone else happy that Hasbro may get their act together and make mini figures? Check it out.
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    Smile Return of the Little People!

    I hope there is some truth to this report!

    MICRO MACHINES: Return of the Action Fleet Mini-Figs?

    For those who are about to sit in Action Fleet cockpits, we salute you!

    During the recent San Diego Comic Con, our reporter Tycho got an interesting piece of information from one of the Hasbro representatives about the new Action Fleet line. If you didn't know, the new Action Fleet vehicles come with no mini-figures - Hasbro has been quoted by various sources with several different reasons why this is. However, according to the report, Hasbro says they will be offering Action Fleet mini-figures in the 2003 Action Fleet sets. Even more interesting, because the 2002 Action Fleet vehicles don't have mini-figures, Hasbro says they are looking into a multi-pack of just mini-figures to fill the cockpits of the barren 2002 vehicles.

    Hopefully, Hasbro will follow through with this and next year, we'll all be stuffing mini-figures into the Action Fleet solar sailer. A huge thanks to Tycho for getting this info!

    - I really hope this pans out, I love Action Fleet for many reasons, great detail, cool size (not too big not too small) large range of ships included, play features, and of course, those super cool little figures, whose future is looking grim with the latest release of Action Fleet ships with no figures included. Hopefully they'll be back- and in greater numbers...

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    I also hope this pans out. Hasbro has been kinda vague or confusing with the line since they bought it 3 and a half years ago, one Hasbro person saying one thing and another saying the opposite, so I hope this is a case where Hasbro follows through instead of peters out. The mini-figs make the line IMO as much as anything else and if Lego can release tiny little pieces, why can't Hasbro? Put the choke hazard warning on there, we'll still flock to the line.

    Hasbro, if you're reading this, don't go back on your statement, put the figures back!
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    Finally Hasbro, comes to it senses. MAY, anyway but what fantastis news. I think everyone who collected the AF got into the line, partly for the mini-figs. They were extremely detailed for their small size. And now the only thing to do is wait and see if Hasbro goes throw with this GREAT idea.
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