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    Talking Action Fleet E-wing!

    Hello everyone! I am in dire need of an E-wing!!!!!! Many people confuse want and need. Some people just collect the toys becasue they plan to make a profit or just to complete a set. Those people want those toys. Some people only collect the toys they really like, not for profit or to complete a set, but to enjoy their unique splendor. Those people need the toys, and I am one of them. I have spent the past three years (since I was 11) searching tirelessly for an Action Fleet E-wing, but to no avail. I am prepared to offer anyone out there that has an E-wing, in very good (preferrably mint and complete [that means stands, parts and mini-figs included]) condition, up to $70 for it. Thank you for reading this and please respond soon! Email me!
    *I am looking for a Star Wars Action Fleet E-wing and TIE Defender. I have been searching for 3 years. Please email me at if you or anyone you know has an E-wing or TIE Defender!!!!!! Thanks!*

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    The E-Wing ( and Tie Defender ) are also on "Wants" list. But I will only pay up to $50.00 for one. But if you want an Action Fleet E-wing for under your $70.00 than... CLICK HERE !!! And type in Star Wars Action Fleet E-Wing in the search box. You should find one.
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