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    Talking B Wing

    It has to be the B-wing! Awesome job on an awesome vehicle. If I was a Rebel pilot I'd want a B Wing.
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    Originally posted by GNT

    He doesnt have to stay in there permanantly,you could always get him out but it might damage him

    Then he'd be legless veteran Luke from the EU...

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    Naboo Royal Cruiser and Millennium Falcon get my votes!

    We like the big ships!!!

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    I look at it at different angle. Which have the best playability/price ratio? I think the B-Wing is hands down the worst. $40 (or $27.90) doesn't justify not putting in electronics or projectiles. It's a big ship with a couple of features. The figure isn't original nor exclusive. Therefore I rate this one at or near the bottom of the barrel.

    The best are the Falcon, AT-AT, and Queen's ship. I'd never ever pay full price for these because they aren't worth it. However I got them for $25, $10, and $37.50 respectively and have to say they rate much higher than anything else. The electronics and multiple features make them fun to play with, not only as vehicles but also as playsets. A close runner up is the Snowspeeder.
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    ATAT for all its nostalgia.

    The Queen's Royal Starship is a darn unique toy though.

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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    Then he'd be legless veteran Luke from the EU...
    Then you'll have to find him some legs then
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    I liked the Millenium Falcon.
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    - Force FX X-Wing (Don't own it thanks to deadbeat trader).
    - Millennium Falcon.
    - Naboo Starship.
    - Snowspeeder.

    Runners up:
    - Naboo Starfighter.
    - AT-AT.
    - TIE-Bomber (Looks very sweet, can't wait to get it, kinda miss electronics in this ship)

    So basically every ship that makes sounds

    My alltime favs were the first three listed.

    The losers IMHO:
    - Cruise Missile Trooper (Ugly as hell).
    - All other EU vehicles (Cheap pack-ins, stupid features).
    - T-16 Skyhopper (Ugh! Horrible features!).
    - Darth Vader's TIE-Fighter (Cheap plastic, stupid guns, low detail just a damn waste of a great movie vehicle).
    - B-Wing (No sounds and still that annoyinh out of proportion landing gear! 'Nuff said!).

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    b-wing, falcon, and snowspeeder

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    Make sure you guys go into polls and participate in the section called Battle Time!

    We're letting SSG's readers pick the all-time best Hasbro StarWars vehicles in a brackett tournament there!
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