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    The AT-AT is the best IMHO. First, it had real quotes by General Veers and second because it came with not one, but two figures. Plus, it looks so close to the ones in ESB and ROTJ. Pretty good for a 20 year old mold.
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    Best of all : X-Wing POWER FX !

    2- Tie Bomber (I've been waiting soooooo long !!!).
    3 - POTF2 Skiff.
    4 - Darth Vader's Tie Fighter (great new accurate mold, the vintage one was ugly).
    5 - B-Wing fighter.
    6 - Snowspeeder POTJ.
    7- Naboo fighter (very well done).
    8 - Slave One AOTC (very cute).
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    my favorite ship is the A-Wing.
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    1. Naboo Royal Starship

    2. Millenium Falcon

    3. Slave 1

    4. Tied - Jedi Starfighter/Naboo Starfighter

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    I really like the A-Wing a lot. The TIE Interceptor is very big with me. So is the TRU X-Wing w/ R2.
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    Interestingly enough, the AT-AT appears to have taken SSG
    Readers' overall vote for the best Hasbro vehicle of all-time.

    Ships that got close were:

    Jango Fett's Slave One.
    The TIE Bomber
    The Speederbike
    The Naboo Fighter
    The TIE Interceptor
    Luke's Landspeeder (old one)
    The AT-ST

    Ships that might have faired better that you guys listed were:

    the A-wing (lost to the TIE Interceptor in the first round)
    the Falcon (lost to the AT-AT)
    the Royal Starship (lost to the Falcon)
    the B-wing (lost to the TIE Bomber in the first round)
    the skiff (lost to the AAT Tank and AT-ST - special match decision)

    Did you guys follow or not-follow the SSG Battle of the Machines?

    It's in the Polls section, under "Battle Time"
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    I sure did!

    I followed the battles pretty close and voted in several of them.

    WOW, this is an older thread. It has poped up a few times, usually right after a major ship/vehicle is released. I don't think that the TIE Bomber or Snowspeeder had even been released when I started it.

    I do like the AT-AT, as a vehicle. But my vote still goes to my #1 ship....the B-Wing.

    Though, I have yet to find the new X-Wing and I am looking forward to an X-Wing with an R2 slot.

    I think the main reason the AT-AT is not really mentioned is that this thread tends to ignore the "vehicles" and concentrate more on the space ships. Another big factor in the AT-AT's win was the majority rules thing.
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    #1 AT-AT #2 WM Tie #3 TRU X-wing, #4 TRU Speeder #5 Y-Wing
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    1. At At
    2. Falcon
    3. Jangos Slave 1
    4: TRU x wing
    5: tie interceptor

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    #1: TIE Bomber
    #2: AT-AT
    #3: Darth Vader's TIE Fighter
    #4: A-Wing Fighter (cute little warship!)

    I don't own a B-Wing or a TIE Interceptor, so I can't rate 'em. I used to own a Y-Wing, but sold it for several reasons (very out of scale, poor landing gear, permanent R2, no electronics).


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