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    Is anyone else upset about these paparazzi pics of Natalie?

    I don't know if you guys have seen them, but I was chatting with some kids the other day, and they were talking about these hot new pictures of natalie with her hand down her pants. Now i agree, perhaps Natalie should have realized where she was, before she did what she did, but the fact that there was Paparazzi around to photograph her just sickens me. these are the types of things that should not be published. whats your opinion on this?
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    I'm upset, alright. Nobody told me about em!!! They sound great...
    Anyways, this'll prolly get closed for bad grammar or subject matter, but quickly, I have no sympathy for any "star" who gets upset about being famous, just like I have no sympathy for music industry types who cry about how the industry might collapse if filesharing continues(my views on that are pretty complex, but that's the upshot, don't wanna get off topic, I support my fave bands, but overhyped junk that makes less money for the artist and more for the whole bloated industry is killing the chance of ever having widely available, good music END)
    If folks weren't so durn petty (ohhh, look, THAT's what it looks like when Jack Nicholson uses the washroom- PLEASE), there would be no paparrazzi. The whole "star culture" of north america is quite vain and ridiculous.
    I like guys like Miles Davis's approach, in the 60's, he refused to give interviews (granted there were other reasons as well as this one) saying that he wanted people to identify with him through his music, and that beyond that, there was nothing anyone would need to know. How Bout Steve Ditko(creator of Spider Man, no matter what you've heard)?? Ever seen a pic or read an interview with him?? You won't. One of the greatest talents (IMO) in the comic game, and the only thing you can know about him is his work. He was HUGE. No one cared who he was, just what he did, and that was enough. I (indirectly) know a guy who worked with him inking his work, and he spoke to him once or twice, and didn't have anything to say about him other than it was fun to ink his work.
    All's I'm saying is, don't blame the paparrazzi, blame NA society and the stupid level of vanity. Any culture where , after a tragedy, the victims get asked "Now that he/she/it is dead, HOW DO YOU FEEL??", and people want to see that, has some SERIOUS problems, worse than people sneakin around taking secret, shameful pictures. Check out CNN if you need proof!!
    PS this ain't a flame. I'm feeling very political today!!!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    good point man, i'm not so much upset with the paparazzi as i am that our culture has a demand for pics like these
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    You really shouldn't have posted this...I just know derek is going to come in here and talk more trash about I'll just get my word in now. I think it's disgusting how the media is invading on people's lives like that.

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    I agree with DeadEye, I think the way the media invades people's lives is disgusting...

    ...but I'd still like to see the pictures .

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    LOL. Good one, Pendo. Sure, the pics are pleasant and all...I wonder if she even knows people are seeing her scratching her butt like that.

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    Lt Ketch- Right on, man, I'm glad you didn't take that bit as a flame. I try to post things here so that no-one feels like I'm urinating on em, but some things about our "culture" really brown me off, and I can't hide it. Glad you clarified that, and glad to know I'm not the only one..... I haven't seen you post before, so straight to you, HOWDY PARDNER!!
    Something about him reminds me of my older brother, Rex.

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    The media today only focuses on sex, violence, scandals, and mayhem. They give the people what they want, so it doesn't say much for the people. Nobody wants to read or watch programs about do gooders anymore; they want all the nasty dirt on them instead. It's really disgusting how the media invades people’s lives. It also shows us that Celebs are not so perfect, they are just like the rest of us.

    In following Pendo

    Bring on the pics baby!

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    Yea I agree I am mad that noone told me about em.
    No matter how I die, even if there is a suicide note; it was murder. Cheers!

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    if i was gonna get upset i could thinka lots better reasons. . .

    . . .like for example, if one of these celebs shows up outta the blue at a busy restaurant you made advance reservations for, you'll likely find yourself waiting an xtra hour as they're accomodated. celebs enjoy modern-day royalty status that comes with uncounted perks; havin their pix snapped once in a while is a damn small price to pay in return for this power & fame they, in nearly all cases, Intentionally sought.
    besides, if it weren't for ethically-gray paparazzo ron galella we wouldn't have the timeless, impossibly yummy & historically important street pix of jackie "tabloids are the best investigative journalism on the planet. you can read the New York Times if you want, they get lucky Once in while"- k, Men In Black
    i know the nat pic to which you refer, cuz the craig kilborn show used it on their hilarious "recreation of a press photo" comedy bit, with their husky, amiable propmaster todd bartel assuming the nat pose


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