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    Wampa Custom Box...

    Hey all
    I know Im being a pain for a newbie =) What Im wondering was has anone ever tried creating a Vintage Custom Box for a Wampa?? If so how did you do it? Where did you get the graphics? What materials did you use?
    Can you tell me your process of how you compelted it?? Thanks sooo much!!!!
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    I think this website has the graphics.
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    That site is great but is only has font and side pics of the bos..
    Has anyone made a custom box like this b4???
    How'd you do it?
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    Sti-si McVan,
    First take a deep breath and then rethink on these projects that you'd want to undertake. Remember that it takes a lot of patience and practice to come up with these. As a newbie, try to concentrate on a single and simple project first. Say start with this Wampa custom box.

    There probably are not many who actually have made it but you could figure out for yourself what you'll need to accomplish it. Start with an actual box that's been trashed but still has all the flaps with it. You'll need to open it up flat to get the dimensions of the whole box. Then you can scan each of the sides of the box for the pictures. Even if the sides are not mint, you could probably touch it up with Photoshop. I'll leave the rest for you to figure out.

    Have fun and even if your first try isn't as near to the original, practice, practice, practice!
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    Thanks for the advice AC!
    Im pretty good now at printing out my pics and making Custom cards I have that down pat... Well I havent made MY own custom cards as of yet.
    Though I do want to take on a bigger project such as this Wampa Box.. .which all in all should be TO hard hopefully =).... but thanks for the advice and I shall start very soon and let you all know how Im doing with it...
    "Do or do not... there is no try" Yoda - ESB


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