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    Hey SWAFman

    Hey SWAFman, I guess I did come on a little too strong. I am DEFINATELY not a scalper. Like you, I would never even dream of the possibility of thinking of dreaming up the thought of selling my (future) E-wing. As soon as I got my Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels, I was hooked. The fact that only one toy of the E-wing has ever been produced has only added propane to my fire! And thank you for the warm welcome into the SSG family! I just think that the E-wing is by far, the COOLEST ship ever thought up. Hasbro was a fool to discontinue the E-wing (if it was even their fault). I also think that the hobby of star wars collecting is being fouled by greed and scalping. People wantiong a 1000% profit off these toys are the people that ruin it for everyone.
    *I am looking for a Star Wars Action Fleet E-wing and TIE Defender. I have been searching for 3 years. Please email me at if you or anyone you know has an E-wing or TIE Defender!!!!!! Thanks!*

    "If you ever smell burning flesh, and you realize that your hand is in the campfire...."

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    bc3: "I KNOW that one day I'll bag them"

    -in that case, i Know that if i don't, you'll bag some for me too

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    E-wing design question-

    One point of the E-wing's design always seemed a little strange to me. The canon directly above the cockpit's window. Seems to me that when this sucker would go off, it would be very distracting to the pilot. It would probably be pretty loud, as well as quite blinding from the flash of the laser. I've heard that today's pilots in fighter jets have to be careful not to let the flash of their own missles blind them in the moment just after they are launched. Having a big laser just over your head would be pretty incapacitating.

    E-wing's a cool ship, I just thought this was a weak design point.


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