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    What did you predict for EPS 2 that came true.

    Padme and Anikin will get married.
    The Genosian battle scene looked exactly as I predicted. All those Jedi running at their foes with all those lightsabres.
    Schmi Skywalker dies.
    C3PO gets coverings.
    Anikin returns to Tatooine
    Yoda will have a fight scene
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    Someone will wear pants
    Obi-wan will blink several times.
    Anakin will not say the word Antidisestablihmentarianism
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    Overuse of CGI
    Mace had a fight scene
    Portman would have some very very bad scenes
    Battle Droids would be back

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    Stillakid will hate it
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    [font=verdana]Life's short and hard like a bodybuilding elf... - Blood Hound Gang [/font]
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    I predicted that Mace would fight,
    Padmé would wear some sexy costumes,
    Anakin and Padmé would kiss (I also predicted sex but there wasn't any)
    Palpatine would take more control of the senate.

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    There wouldn't be sex in a PG movie. But they got married at the end, so surely their honeymoon was during the credits...
    I knew that Anakin would come back for Shmi and she would die.
    I read some stupid rumor that the movie would have a 5-on-2 lightsaber duel and Anakin would turn to the dark side in the middle of it. Whatever.

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    Schmi Skywalker dies and lots of jedi show up.

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    Well, actually none of my pridictions came true.

    I thought that Shmi would be a Tuskin Raider. I mean she'd be a slave or something and would have been in the Female Tuskin Raider get up

    I thought Boba Fett would do something bad@** to show why he's such a b@d@*** in the OT.

    I thought we'd see ship that resemble X Wing and TIE's

    I thought Anaken would be much more skilled with a Light Saber.

    None of these came true and thus, I was somewhat surprised throughout the whole movie.
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    Very little. My imagination cooked up a much different film, even once spoilers were introduced.
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    Shmi Skywalker would die, directly leading to Anakin falling towards the Dark Side
    Yoda would use a lightsaber
    Jar Jar's purpose would become clearer (beyond just being annoying)
    Beginning of the Clone Wars
    More Jedi would fight

    I predicted that Leia and Luke would end up being illegitimate children, based on the trailer where Anakin says "we could keep it a secret." Obviously I was wrong.
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