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    Which movie did you like better.

    Now that I've FINALLY seen both of them (you can only go to the movies on saturday nights here at boarding school) I'll pose a question to all o' yas: Which movie did you like better, Attack of the Clones, or Spider-man?

    I'd have to go with Spider-man. It had enough CGI to be cool but not be annoying, which was the case with AOTC, Kristin Dunst is definatley hotter than Natalie Portman , the love scenes were way less corny, and they showed Spider-man's origin terrifically, even though they changed some stuff like making the web-slinging power biological instead of mechanical, and if you sit through the credits they play the original "Theme from Spider-man" song.

    Thoughts? Opinions?

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    I personally thought Natalie was hotter...but since I've gone out with girls hotter than both of them, I don't think it makes a difference.

    I liked AOTC better.

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    This should be in the movie section.

    As a huge fan of both Comics and Star Wars I was delighted with both films and even more delighted that they both did excellent at the box office. It means more Comic Book films down the road. (And it means at least one more Star Wars film down the road, but we would have got that even if this one tanked at the BO...)
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    AOTC was pretty much what I expected, Spidey blew my freakin' socks off! So far, its the best movie I've seen this year. Raimi accomplished the impossible, IMO, and I hope he does more Spidey flicks.
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    I'll have to go with AOTC. Only because I've not seen Spider-Man yet. I don't like theirttempt to make a CG Spider-Man when he's swinging through the city, it looks too fake. But then again, Anakin looks fake when riding on the Shaak.

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    Originally posted by Eternal Padawan
    This should be in the movie section.
    I agree EP. So . . . . . . *poof*, its moved.

    I have not seen Spiderman yet, so I really cannot comment. But the video game rocks!!!!! Best Spiderman game to date!!
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    Anakin looks real when he's riding the shaak and the reek. He looks fake when he's "skydiving" down Coruscant during the speeder chase.

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    Spider-Man gave me a rash. Too much of a departure from the comics. Ive discussed my ire with this before, so Ill be brief here. Toby Maguire, boring. Kirsten Dunst, not hot enough to be MJ. Origin sequence, too long. Scary bits, more stupid than scary. Wise cracks from Spidey, nonexistent.
    Xmen was way, way better and was still able to depart from the comics enough to make it stand alone. Im happy Spidey's raking in the bucks because I want to see another Spidey movie, but this one I didn't love. Attack of the Clones, to me, was much more enjoyable.

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    Dear Brave Sir Robin, I think you need to get your eyes checked hard cause Kirsten Dunst (Dunce) isn't half the actor or have half the looks of Nat Portman. Sorry dude, but even the wife agrees with me on this. Episode 2 is way better than Spidey, the only reason it's doing so well is cause it appeals to children and adults who have never experienced a Spiderman movie. Plus everyone has been waiting for years for this to happen. Plus number two ATOC had a way better story than spidey did.

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    I don't think much of Kirsten Dunst as MJ, but I didn't think much of Natalie Portman's performance in Ep 2, I thought she did a much better job in Ep 1. Neither do a thing for me in the "looks" department though, there are so many women in Hollywood that would have not only been better suited for the Mary Jane Watson part in terms of acting talent, but also in looks.
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