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Thread: Exclusives

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    I know this has been addressed before, but I just want to get out my opinion. Does anyone else out there think that exclusive Star Wars products at certain stores sucks?!!!!! I'm not talkin bout the quality of the product, but I'm talking bout the quantity. Wal-Mart is the worst, TRU is the best. Wal-Mart never has their exclusives and TRU does, but if they were shipped to all the stores, it would be easier to find. The only time i ever saw the TIE Bomber and Luke's Snowspeeder was at midnight madness, and me and my bro lucked out into gettin a snowspeeder, but some idiot bought the entire box of TIE Bombers and didn't share wit the rest of us. Then he snuck out, no doubt worried he would be shot. Since then, never saw them again. LET'S SEND A PETITION TO HASBRO AND ASK THEM TO STOP SENDING EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS TO CERTAIN STORES AND MAKE THEM AVAILABLE TO ALL STORES!!!!!
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    Actually I wonder how much the the availability of exclusives is Hasbro's fault and how much is the actual store's...

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    The only problem is that with some items, like the TIE Bomber, and especially the Imp. Shuttle supposedly forthcoming, exclusives are really the only way we would get some of these items. Especially with vehicles that just sit on shelves collecting dust when they are mass-released (see Jedi Starfighter and Slave I). I know it can be frustrating as a collector, but I think it would be far worse to not get ANYTHING.

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    I don't know man, I just don't ever have that hard of a time finding anything anymore.

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    i think it might follow to the actual headquaters for the because they request an amount to be made then they send it the store in your area i have bite more luck with wm ecxlusives beacuse i have about 4 all with 20 miles of me.

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    Yeah, i pretty much have like three or four wm's in my area too, but if does no good cuz they all stock the same way.
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    that odd at lease one of my will have exclusives saw both the tie-bomber and snowspeeder at one earlier this month

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    Exclusives are great because it gives us items that we would normally never get. However, I think the main problem with the exclusives isn't entirely in the hands of poor store distribution (WalMart), but in the hands of the scalpers. How is it that they ALWAYS get the exclusives that most collectors can't find at a store? That is what sucks. If it weren't for the scalpers buying the exclusives by the boxful, and marking them up double(sometimes triple!), we would all have the exclusives, the stores would make all their sales, and we would all be happy. I've been to the local WalMarts on numerous occasions, and always come up empty handed. I have never actual seen a TIE Bomber in person, and the only two Snowspeeders I've seen were at a comic/card show at the mall for $60. Ridiculous. I've never had much trouble with TRU, but Target, and WalMart have notoriously been difficult. There is too much out there to buy, so there is absolutely no way I can justify paying much more than retail for a piece. So I guess what it boils down to is. . .yes. . .I do think the stores are somewhat at fault (TRU is obviously doing something right, WalMart isn't), but we have to blame the scalpers moreso. . .and for that matter, the "collectors" who are paying the scalper prices.
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    I tend to disagree with the idea that TRU is doing something right with their exclusives...I think one of the main reasons that my TRU has a good amount of exclusives is because many collectors simply don't shop there anymore. There has hardly been anything new since 4/23 and alot of the TRU exclusives are way overpriced resulting in clearance items later on i.e. Queen's Starship and the 12" Dewback set...just my 2 Republic credits worth.
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    I asked a WM toy manager why all the Tie fighters disappeared in less than one day. He told me that the store employees were buying them to auction off on ebay. It seems to be a common practice.
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