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    New podrace starting grid scenes are MORE ANNOYING!!!

    OMG! They just showed a minute or two of the new podrace starting grid scene and Greg Proops is even more annoying! Is this how this whole new scene plays out?
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

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    I think the Eopie farting is longer too, like it sits there and scrunches up its face for an extra second or two trying to force it out. Now THAT'S comedy....

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    Star Wars DVD: $17.99

    Extra CGI scenes with Greg Proops: $20,000

    Longer Eopie farts: Priceless
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    ''Is this how this whole new scene plays out?''
    I hope not! I liked Greg Proops' comedy on the old Whose Line show, but I was bothered by his performance in TPM.

    I've not watched the discs yet, but I'm looking forward to re-immersing myself in the film.

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    I've decided that I'm a masochist. I bought the DVD because it was released on Monday here in the UK and got it home where it has sat on a shelf glaring at me. Why am I a masochist? I don't own a DVD player or have a DVD drive in my PC. Why did I buy the DVD? Because I'm dumb and foolish. It's so easy to part me from my money.....
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    There, there Emperor Jargo. By the way, can I barrow $20?

    *ugh, okay so you don't have $. Its still funny *
    "Two in the box, ready to go, we be fast, and they be slow!"
    Check out my art at The Terrace Room!

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    I just watched the DVD... Nice print job on those disks isn't it? They look marvellous if you stare at them in full sunlight but not so good in electric light...... The case is a little disappointing with it's flippity floppity insert. And the 'booklet' reminded me of the flimsy inserts from those 'wacky' ancient cassette singles one used to buy back in the last century, before the advent of CD's..... Not a lot happened really exept that my dog Buster sniffed at the disks and then walked off disgusted.... Maybe I need to stare at them a little longer. How was it for you starfig? Was your viewing any more rewarding than mine?

    I don't even know anybody who has a DVD player.....

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    The longer podrace is unneccary. The original cut was fine just the way it was but it is interesting to look at it.
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    Thumbs up Here it comes!!

    At least the Eopie got to do what alot of us wanted to do to Jar Jar.*%!@ on him!!!
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    i thought i was cool how they had it! why does everyone always critasizes everything lucas makes "it's too lon" or "it's to stupid". yeesh! i think i'm the only one who completly backs lucas on everything he does!


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