Ha-HA ! Leave it to me to incorporate Alice into a cards thread title!

I for one am excited that Topps is offering an AOTC Widevision series in November! :happy:
I remember reading in the Insider that it was being considered, but I gave it little thought . . . didn't want to get too excited.

But they're on the way, and I hope the first 80 cards do well to allow for a second series.
They claim to focus more on the end of the film, I like that idea A LOT. In my review of the current Topps set (which I never bothered to write ) I noticed that the set is pretty light in terms of the last scenes of the movie.

Any other excitement out there? I agree with ya if you think they should have made Widevision in the first place, but I've been on such a card binge lately . . . no, not a binge because I'm back to stay . . . that I'm SO willing to give this a chance!
Who's with me ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

"cough - I'll be looking for trading partners too - cough"