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    Cool ACtion Fleet E-wing

    Please bring back the Action Fleet E-wing and TIE Defender. But make them good quality, unlike the recent Action Fleet re-releases of the X-wing and TIE Advanced X1 (The Millenium Falcon was ok). Galoob never made very many of these 2 toys and I think tons of people would buy them (if they were good quality- quality is the key). Also, a 3 3/4" scale E-wing or TIE Defender would be VERY nice too! Since the Action Fleet sets were the only ones ever to make a E-wing or TIE Defender toy!
    *I am looking for a Star Wars Action Fleet E-wing and TIE Defender. I have been searching for 3 years. Please email me at if you or anyone you know has an E-wing or TIE Defender!!!!!! Thanks!*

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    What does the E-wing look like? And don't get saying like a big E!
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    If you read the comic Dark Empire the E-Wing appears there.
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks

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    Hasbro should bring this and all the Action Fleet back, even the unproduced ones.

    The E-wing looks a bit like a thick X-wing sans its wings and engines, instead just 1 set of wings that start from the bottom of the main hull instead of the middle and are a bit wider than the X-wing ones; they also have similar engines but way out towards the end of the wing instead of next to the fuselage. There is also a cannon above the cockpit and the droid socket is completely covered. From the top and sideways, it's a captial E.
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    Anyone got a pic?
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    here's the old galoob page on the e-wing

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    Man, I would love to see the E-wing done on a larger scale like the X-wing, now that would be a cool EU vehicle.


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