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    Re: Re: How about an ultra-supreme deluxe Darth Vader

    Originally posted by bigbarada
    If the ball joints look anything like the CTC Stormtroopers then no thanks.However, Bespin Capture Han had fairly decent ball-joint shoulders. Something like that would be easily concealable by the cloth cape.
    The problem with the Stormtrooper is that they are white and black, with vader his just black so you'll have no problems at all.
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    The sith lord 2-pack Vader in my opinion is the best sculpted Vader out there, way superior to the RH Vader.

    Also, the theoretical "Best Vader" should also come with 2 sets of removable hands, similar to super-articulated anime import figures from Japan. One set of hands would have him able to hold his lightsabre, the other set would be casual with the right hand in a force-choke position, like he was with Motti. Then it would be the best Vader ever.
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