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    Brackett Tournament Results Ridiclous Again!

    The Bespin Guard with 4 accessories plus a freely molded jacket lost IG-88 ????

    Sabe lost to Han Solo Bespin Resculpt? (OK, the holster is nice...)

    Fode and Beed lost to BattleDroid with Resculpt Damage.

    Queen Amidala Ascension Gun (an E1 figure is in the poll, period)

    Darth Maul Drag Queen beat out Qui-Gon in Battle Armor.

    Other than that, I'm pleased with 10 out of 16 decisions. So not so bad this time...

    I voted for Aurra Sing, Mas Amedda, Tessek, and Ellors Madak, and then Biker Scout, Luke X-wing, Vader Emperor's Wrath (battle damage???), and even Queen Amidala over Drag Queen Maul.

    I think Fode and Beed or Qui-Gon Jedi Armor, and maybe the Bespin Guard could have gone on longer.

    However, it should come down to Tessek vs. Duro and then Vader will sweep his division. Vader could beat the Duro in my opinion, but it'd be harder for me to push him over Tessek, one of my favorite figures from POTJ.

    What do you think?

    I also think if the Queen Theed Throne was in this, or Vader Dagobah, Chewie Mechanic, Porkins, or R2-Q5, one or two of them might have had more merit being there then say the E1 Queen, or Luke X-wing with Removeable Helmet.

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    I gave up voting when Gasgano got the boot in the EP2 Tournament and couldn't be bothered to vote in one of the again for awhile
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    not so ridiculous...

    Why is it so ridiculous? IG-88 is FAR cooler than the Bespin Guard. Hey! It's the second coolest Bounty Hunter after Fett! The Bespin Guard has amazing sculpting and accessories, but it's still a abit boring. I'm glad the bounty hunter won. His weathering is just top notch.

    Sabe versus Han Bespin? Sabe is another blah figure, IMHO. She may or may not have better sculpting than Han, but Han is WAY COOLER than she is. Hey! It's Han Solo in his coolest outfit ever! The articulation is cool too, although it took a bit away from the sculpt... I'm not saying that we don't need sabe, but she is bland and has no articulation.

    The battle Droid with Boomer Damage is one of the most amazing sculpts in the collection EVER, plus it features the BEST articulation EVER on a SW action figure. It even has the ability to TRANSFORM. Just remove some of the dirt on his chest, and you have one of the greatest SW figures ever. So what if it's a resculpt? The original sucked. This one is simply amazing.

    As for Qui_Gon vs Maul, both the figures suck anyway. Maul is cooler though, because thehead sculpt is dead on, and because... it's Maul!

    I do have to admit that some of the decisions seem weird, but overall I think that the best will win. What beats me is what the heck is Aura Sing doing there? It's one of the worst POTJ figures out there.

    POTJ is amazing, because it combines amazing resculpts with some obscure characters. It's a perfect bland. It's still a mystery to me why some people are so angry whenever hasbro produces a fantastic resculpt. I'll take a new Luke Jedi over another obscure Cantina alien anyday. Anyway, there is enough place for both.

    Now where is my Luke Jedi resculpt with cloth cape?

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    by the way...

    Fode and Beed is simply one of the WORST SW figures EVER, as much in sculpting than in paintwork. How could it ever compare to the new picture-perfect battle droid loaded with articulation and features? That choice was an OBVIOUS one.

    I am ashamed to put Fode and Beed in my pod race diorama. It's at the back anyway. This is one figure better left in the card... or in the box, for that matter!

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    Re: not so ridiculous...

    Originally posted by Princess_Leila
    IG-88 is FAR cooler than the Bespin Guard. Hey! It's the second coolest Bounty Hunter after Fett
    Must disagree with you Jango and Zam Wesell are far cooler than Ig-88
    You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi.Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious

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    Yeah, the Hasblow polls are pretty jacked up. Any poll that has Yoda beating out Mace Windu for best EP1 figure with such a large margin must be bogus.
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    Kinda hard to post opinions on bounty hunters we haven't even seen in the movies yet. And Bossk is way cooler than any IG-88, or IG-88's brain in the 2nd Death Star, or the half dozen or so IG-88 bots that run around, goes on. IG-88 is pretty tame compared to a bounty hunter who kills and EATS his own father for fame and status.

    But yeah, this time around the bracket tournament is way off, either that, or about 1,000 or so 11 year olds are running amock at Hasbro. (you may start your
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