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    Most Overrated Figure?

    Based on James the Hutt's Most Overrated Figure? thread at the OLD SSG Forums!

    What figure (from any of the lines) do you think is the most overrated? A figure that for some reason doesn't mean anything to you, but everyone else seems to praise.
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    Thumbs down it would have to be,

    Wuher. I just wish the glass was removable.
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    COMMTECH Stormtrooper. It seems Hasbro overcompensated for the bulked up sculpt of the 1995 release and made him too thin in the chest and back area. Sure the extra articulation is cool but you can't really get any good action poses out of one, just great dead, lying on ground poses.

    Darth Vader Dagobah. I'm sorry, I just don't really see the point of this figure. It's not even Darth Vader! Sure the removable mask is cool, but the helmet sculpt is inferior to the COMMTECH version. Plus, it heralds the return of the plastic cape.

    Vintage Luke Stormtrooper. Hideous face sculpt when compared to the ROTJ Luke Jedi and the mask looks like crap. If this figure was as common as the rest, it wouldn't have so much buzz surrounding it.
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    IMO, Amanaman. Its just a slimey lizard / leech thing that atands on its hind legs. No big deal.

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    Originally posted by humsup
    IMO, Amanaman. Its just a slimey lizard / leech thing that atands on its hind legs. No big deal.
    I agree with you about Amanaman! He barely had 2 seconds!

    ''You fool, my reach is far greater than the Jedi. Only a Sith can wield the force over such a great distance.'' - Darth Sidious

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    I will have to go with Aurra Sing.
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    Death Star Trooper is one of the most disappointing figures to me! The pose is horrid, and that gigantic rifle is shameful.

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    Thumbs up

    Monkey face Leia...for some reason everybody wanted this fig which supposedly was difficult to find.
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    I agree with evenflow:

    For a fan club exclusive, Wuher is really disappointing. The ONLY reason I picked the figure up was because of the blow-out price. There had to be fifty on the wall of this comic book shop; all collecting dust. When they dropped the price (three bucks), I felt it was worth the trouble.

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    I can think of just one,To me its all these redos that get to me.I wish that they would spend some of the effort into making new figures.I don't always agree that the kids just want the core characters becaues after you have them you want more to build your universe.But who am I to say what others want.All I know is what I want.[Give me the whole Jedi masters]
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