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    Could You Please Try This Hasbro

    Hasbro could you please try to make the vehicles and playsets more to scale with the action figures. I'm getting really sick and tired of action figures that cannot fit into their vehicles. I know you guys have come a long way with things, but I also think you guys can do ten times better than you are doing right now. Please try and make all action figures with bendable knees and arms all the time and if a figure requires soft goods to fit into a vehicle, make it so it does. I really want my figures to fit in properly and so does my son.

    Some things that need to be made to scale are:

    Jawa Sandcrawler
    Imperial Shuttle
    Death Star Playset / multi-levels
    Star Destroyer
    Rebel Blockade Runner

    Any new vehicles that are planned in the future must be made to scale. Get on this A.S.A.P. because we are all waiting impatiently.

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    A scale Star Destroyer, eh?

    Right after they release the scale Coruscant and Death Star, bub.
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    Heck with that, I want the entire Star Wars Galaxy in 3 3/4" scale. That would be cool. And then they could release expansion systems, for Episode III.

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    Well some people can dream about things like this, if you don't like the idea cool, then don't reply to this thread. I for one would like to see vehicles more to scale than they are. Remember if you build it then, they will buy it. To scale doesn't necessarily mean so huge that one could not accommodate a toy of this magnitude. I have read many times in these forums individuals b******* about how they wish their vehicles were more to scale, well I just posted this so Hasbro could get something new to work on. I would like to see something grand before this S.W. craze comes to an end. If other toy companies can manufacture large vehicles i.e. Tanks, jeeps, helicopters that accommodate 12 inch figures, then Hasbro could very well do the same for 3 3/4 inch action figures. I am all for something like this and if you guys don't want it then it's your choice, but it's my dream and that should count for something.

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    Having a dream is cool, but make it a realistic dream. Do you realize the size of some of the things you are asking for. I'm not sure if you saw the pictures of the Sandcrawler, AT-AT, and Rebel Blockade Runner that fans built in 1:1 scale with the action figures, but they are far to large to ever be somthing that would work as an actual produced item. For cripes sake the Rebel Blockade Runner was as long as a motorhome.

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    Jar Jar Binks

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    Woah, hold on a sec. I was referring to JJB's post as far as making everything scale to 3 3/4". No offense meant, and hopefully none taken.
    It would be nice, if everything was to scale, and actually matched what was in the movie.

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    JarJarBinks, I've seen the pics of the Rebel Blockade Runner supposedly to scale with 3 3/4 inch figures and it looks more like to scale with actual people as opposed to 3 3/4 inch action figures. Maybe I should say twice the size or as big as the 12 inch tanks I've mentioned, but I'm not crazy my friend, I do believe that Hasbro could make some really big ships and people would buy them. I have a shelf in my room and it measures 1ft wide by 3ft long by 4 inches tall, it accommodates one hundred action figures no problem. The Naboo Royal Starship is roughly 2ft long by 1.5ft wide by 4 to 5 inches high in the biggest part of the ship. If Hasbro were to even double the size of the NRS then we could have a Star Destroyer that is somewhat decent to fit figures into. My shelf can accommodate one hundred or more figures and it's not that big. What I'm trying to say is it can be done and it would sell, just given the fact that we haven't gotten a Rebel Blockade Runner or a Star Destroyer for 3 3/4 inch figures is enough in my opinion.

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    Retailers won't stock large items. Simple answer. That's why so many of the ships and vehicles in AOTC were so small. After GL put large ships in TPM Hasbro tested the water with the royal starship and it bombed because retailers can't shift the quantities at such a high price. The price won't come down so they don't sell them no more.
    AOTC has got more small speeders and nippy small scale ships. The largest item likely to be made is the sandcrawler which will likely be a retooled vintage one.

    Hasbro will never make a Tantive IV blockade runner to scale. The large scale model made by Michael Fright is correct brandon. You seem to think the actual ship is smaller than it actually is. If you can, check out the detailed drawings in the 'incredible cross sections' book for the original trilogy. The Tantive IV is huge.
    Similarly a star destroyer done more to scale would be about the size of a football field. Retailers would never take that. The best you could hope for is the bridge section as a playset. But even then it'd be out of scale because that's what hasbro does. They compromise details to get it into the box and save on the cost of production. Thus passing on savings to us apparently, despite the fact that many of us would willingly pay a little extra for better detail and scale. But the majority of collectors won't pay for the detail and scale and have reservations about buying larger items which take up too much room.

    Your sense of scale is way off brandon judging by the royal starship dimensions you quote. That ship is over three feet long and a good seven inches high. We never will get larger scale versions of ships that are large to begin with. Otherwise we would have got a larger scale Millenium Falcon by now. The best hope for that is my half ship/playset idea and even then it's doubtful that it would be produced in scale. Just bigger.
    It's cool to dream but like JJB said you need to make the dream realistic. No-ones getting at you here but I'd think about your ideas a little more based on fact rather than pie in the sky musings.

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    Well said Emperor Jargo. I couldn't figure out how to say that without sounding rude.

    I would like to see the Death Star playset, but I can't imagine Hasbro producing anything larger than the Vintage version. Even that may be too large for today's market.
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