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    From [Bel-Cam Jos]:
    Dear Insider,
    I have not yet receieved issue 63 of the SW Insider. My subscription was due to end after the November one (#63 I believe) and so I renewed it for another year. My payment shows a date of October 10, so I felt it was in on time. I have noticed #63 at bookstores and newstands; is there a delay in sending them to subscribers? Will I receive it, or am I out of luck?


    [Bel-Cam Jos]
    From SW Insider:
    Hi [Bel-Cam],
    You should have received issue #63, I will resend this issue to you.

    From [Bel-Cam Jos]:
    Thank you for your quick response.

    I received #64 in the mail today, so #63 never made it to me. I eagerly await it (I'll wait to read #64 until then!).
    From SW Insider:
    Hi [Bel-Cam],
    We'll get that issue out to a.s.a.p, sorry for the inconvenice.

    Thank you
    This bodes well for the new Fan Club!
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    Only took one month to the day for me to finally get it. I may have to suspend my kudos for the Club.
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    I'm iffy about the new club. I sent a payment for renewal over a month ago to Escondido, CA (less than a two hour drive from my house). It hasn't cleared my account yet, and when I called to see if it had been received, I couldn't get a clear answer as to whether it was lost in the mail or they had a tremendous backlog. Either way, it's got me more than a bit concerned.
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    Originally posted by El Chuxter
    I'm iffy about the new club. I sent a payment for renewal over a month ago to Escondido, CA (less than a two hour drive from my house).
    Odd! This "Escondido" place is also less than a 2-hour drive from me, and I live in the Core Worlds, on Chandrila!
    I'm not too fond of the increased publication, also. More mags a year means either more rehashing of stories later, or a quicker end to reports overall.
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    Man, this is SCREWY!

    I called to balance my checkbook the same day I posted my previous post, and the check had finally cleared! And then the next day, I got a second notice on the renewal. Figuring they'd just crossed in the mail, I called down to the Fan Club to make sure. . . apparently, they noted that I sent a check but it hadn't posted to my Fan Club membership yet. The lady said it was a computer error that they were aware of and had received many calls about, but not to worry.

    I can't figure out what kind of database they're using that she could tell me so quickly that there was a note they'd received and deposited my payment, but not actually posted it.
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    Where is this Bantha Tracks membership kit we're supposed to get? And where are the Chancellor's ambassadors? A membership mix-up can mean only one thing: invalidation. (Where's the Sio Bibble icon when you need it? )
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    I've been wondering the same thing B-C J. I think that the kits are for new memberships and renewals (sp?) only. My subscription was actually paid thru '05, at least before they increased publication again, so now I have a reason to renew and get the kit. I'll ask about it when I call.
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    Question Hmm...

    I renewed mine in November of this year, and I seem to recall (though I cannot find proof in an issue) that the Insider said any new or renewal subscriptions after something like August would be eligible for the kits. I may send an email to Paizo, too.
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    Red face

    It's taken me a longer time to read through this Insider (#66), and I expect the next one to arrive soon, only to put me further behind. Oh well.

    Noticed this on page76. Sub headline on the SW Galaxies Update reads "Bearing the Load: Tatoonie Overpopulation."

    I repeat; "Bearing the Load: Tatoonie Overpopulation."

    Let's play 'Find The Typo!'

    p.s. May I never make a misstak of my own!
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    Tatoonie rhymes with Rappertunie !

    I'm so upset about letting my subscription lapse, I'm going to call them tomorrow to see if I can't hotshot the current issue to my mailbox !


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